Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wailers - Out Of Our Tree (Etiquette Records - 1965)

A proto-punk masterpiece! If you came here and you think the only Wailers were Bob Marley's, then you should leave this space immediately! These guys taught all NW America how to play rock n roll in the most savage way! Ask everyone from the Sonics to the Kingsmen even Jimi Hendrix (OK that's difficult...) and there's just one name, The WAILERS! Responsible in a big way for creating known terms today like PUNK or Garage, they had already a long record in rock n roll before this supershit came out at 1965!
They found Rockin' Robin Roberts, they found the Sonics and through their label Etiquette throw out blasts impossible even today to be re-produced. The same name song is quite simply the BEST punk song ever, hands down! Little Richard is still the main influence and on tracks like "Dirty Robber" or "Bama Lama Bama Loo" (the later a cover tune of HIS majesty), the foot is stuck on gas! The Beatles' "I'm Down" takes the treatment really deserves, two gears up and 300 horsepower hitting the night plus the PURE FILTH of "Hang Up"! C'mon, ballads like the "Unchained Melody" is here to attract gals, don't bother! 
Along with Sonics' "Here Are The Sonics" and "Boom" these records are the brilliant examples of how to play rock n roll and disturb people!