Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Crimson Shadows - Even I Tell Lies (Sunlight - 1985)

These guys were the absolute definition of the term "mayhem"!
The Crimson Shadows were among the very few and the very first that took on garage punk not only in Sweden but Europe in general, the first half of a suck ass decade like the 80s.
They had three at least talented song writers (Peter Maniette, Jens Lindberg and Mans P. Mansson), that more or less on 'em the whole rock n' roll scene of Sweden lean on, with later bands like The Wylde Mammoths, The Highspeed V, The Livingstones and continue to these days with the Maharajas, the Maggots and the Strollers!
They were drunks to the bone, savages and terrorists not only in their music but in lifestyle. There are lots of stories about them on how raised hell and gave the creeps in every single band of that scene or every single show!
They were ex-mods which means they had a thing about fashion...They were the best looking band or maybe the coolest gang of punks the last 25 years! Again the stories about how many women attracted and ate, are now legendary!
They left a huge legacy and with a good reason. Some of them written above.
If you're looking for primitive, raw and mindless fun you came to the right place...
This is the 2nd single by them and i chose it for the reason made me buy it lotsa years back. The incredible photo of the back sleeve, with Mans holding a Lyres-like guitar and an old type microphone in front of him...
It doesn't get much cooler that this!


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  1. Cool! I wish I could get you some copies but I don't have any left! Cheers Jens