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Induct Link Wray!

When Eric contact me a couple o' days ago about this i felt honored who picked this blog for a cause like this.
I still believe of Rock N Roll Hall of Fame as a piece of shit, made by the music industry just for their own purposes. I still don't give a shit if they think of Madonna as an influential  rock n roller... I just laugh loud.
And it's not only Link. Don't know and i don't care to check it, but I'm quite sure nor Little Walter is inducted, nor Dale Hawkins! They should probably call it Squares Hall of Fame. Or better Rock's Biggest Sales Hall of Fame.
Rock N' Roll is a whole lot of different story from just rock...
On the other hand most people sees what you have saw him. And like it or not, this shit attract people's attention. So, if they believe on what its inducted there as rock n' roll, we must turn their heads to the real thing. And Link's the real thing.
I really don't know what more to add from what i earlier wrote about him.
I checked on my old KICKS magazines and found what master Tim Warren inked in his piece epilogue (KICKS No.3 - 1984) :
"Well, that's all folks. Just remember: If there had been more people like Link Wray, there probably woulda never been hippies, progressive rock, disco, new wave, and all this crap that passes for "rock n' roll" these days!!"

Still 26 years ahead of your time Tim!

On Eric's site you can sign for the crusade. On a quick look you see ass kickers like Davie Allan or Eddie Angel among the supporters. And that tells a lot. I'm in it all the way, even if i don't believe that the squares behind this hall of fame bullshit, ever let a PUNK like Link Wray be involved with most of their other wimps. Sure inducted already Chuck Berry and Little Richard but if they didn't done it the whole place it would be be covered with rotten tomatoes! The Stones is another story...Their importance is obvious even if now turned out a trademark as big as Coke or McDonald's...
Support the whole thing. Go to Eric's site and sign goddammit! Let the squares know about RUMBLE at last!
Below is what Eric wrote and sent especially for this blog.
Thank you man!


What is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame without Link Wray? In the words of White Trash Soul, "It ain't no rock at all." That is a sentiment shared with the online petition website dedicated to the rock hall induction of Link Wray and memorializing one of rock's most innovative guitarists.

Link Wray has a far more reaching influence than most guitarists. His reverb drenched originality can be heard in surf, punk, grunge, garage, classic rock even metal and rockabilly. An argument can be made that Link was the originator of Psychobilly. There is no debate at all that Link truly was The Father of The Power Chord! His highest charting single, the 1958 release Rumble forever altered the course of music. It contained the single most influential D chord in the history of recorded music. While others were charting with variations of R&B and rockabilly, Link was defining what rock should forever be. Pure volume, raw attitude, add distortion, feedback, reverb and more volume and the formula for rock music Link Wray style is achieved. In order to duplicate his live sound in the studio, Link punctured his amplifiers with a pencil. Today there are guitars, amps, speakers, pedals etc. manufactured to accommodate the sound Link Wray originated.

In addition to Rumble, recommended listening for those unfamiliar with Link's music should include: Rawhide, Jack the Ripper, Ace of Spades, I'm Branded, Pancho Villa, and Dinosaur. Two really good seldom discussed  intrumentals I recommend are White Lightning and Drag Race. Some cool vocal tracks would be: Fire, Hillbilly Wolf, She's That Kind of Woman, and Goodtime Joe. Link could do the down and dirty blues in his own admitable style as well check out Climbing up a High Wall, Big City After Dark and Ain't That Lovin You Babe. Link was a huge Elvis fan and if you delve much into his discography you're likely to find some Presley songs covered.

Listen to Rumble keeping in mind it was released in 1958 and listen to Rawhide and bear in mind it was released in 1959. Compare both of those songs with everything released during those two years and I'm sure you'll agree, Link Wray was decades ahead of his time. In my opinion his music is among the most timeless ever recorded as rock. Link Wray deserves to be inducted into the rock hall for the influence of Rumble alone. That museum will forever lack credibilty until the likes of Link Wray, Dick Dale, Dale Hawkins, Davie Allan, and Johnny Burnette see their deserved recognition. As of 2010, Link Wray continues to be the missing Link.

This article was written by Eric Moore, the founder of
Join us in our cause!

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