Monday, January 27, 2014

WAX Stuff Revisited!

Hey! It's been a while since the last time, I know and I'm sorry for all you guys and gals if I let you down... Too much to do too little time... I was checking my emails every two or three days and I was keeping notes on what you're asking, so I decided to begin from where I left off and to start with what I promised.
We don't have as much spare time as we want to or as we used to, but we 're not going to let also those creeps making money on our labor. And here goes a HUGE thanks for the way you embraced our 'projects'!
This post restarts White Trash Soul! All missing or not WAX stuff, re-upped for all WTS friends who came late to our company.  I wasn't able to FLAC our first volumes, even if I wanted to... And that's because I made the terrible mistake to keep the lossy files on my hard drives and not the ones I originally ripped in WAV... As you already know probably, many of them were picked from vinyl slices and that's not a piece of cake situation...
Don't worry though, from Volume 5 and on all are in lossless!We're no dead yet, stay tuned for more Rock & Roll!