Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Jim Jones Revue - "The Savage Heart" (CD, Play It Again Sam/Punk Rock Blues - 2012)

Let's try keep this post as punk'n'roll its DNA orders. Laconic and simple with loudness and boogie all over and rockin' and rollin' as VERY few things the last 20 years. I'm really sad cause I've never had the chance to witness their manic raw power in a concert, but maybe it's for better. Good things won't last long they say, right?

OK, that was a hard choice. Jim Jones Revue were an outfit which never (and I mean, NEVER!) cut a weak or a mediocre song and had as well the ability to change things in every step they walked their boots, without losing their primal rock and roll and manic energy. Really now, how many years England has to put out such a good and true rock and roll force!?

Revue were no wheel inverters of course. They just had the right taste (Little Richard, Jerry Lee, The Stooges and the 5) and a good eye to see the absence of a real rock and roll gang in this shitty world. Were 100% analogue in a 100% digital reality. I mean, The Ramones are sadly all gone and Lemmy's like to spend its days playing the slot machine down the road at Rainbow... This last album was no less, their best! Dark and otherworldly doo-wop, punky R&B, glam stomps and blues yelps, they're all here man. And this closing track, this utterly haunting serenade of "Midnight Oceans and The Savage Heart" grabbed me by the neck and never left me since the first time... Epic.