Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIG! feauturing Brian Jonestown Massacre & the Dandy Warhols (2004)

Hi there. Not in a good mode the last weeks. I’m sure almost every single one of you guys and gals heard about Greece’s financial troubles and believe me that thing already has a major impact on our lives and pockets making every day living harder. Anyway, I wish I had the strength to kill some of those bastards allegedly governed the country, but I don’t… My only shelter is my family and the music. And I found myself hooking deeply with records haven’t heard in a long time. And I mean in a LONG time. Jesus and Mary Chain, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dandy Warhols are some notably examples. Druggy, feedback drenched and hypnotic pop vignettes perfectly designed for situations like this (…and more). So, I had on the shelf a DVD that for years was waiting patiently to grab my attention. I can’t remember exactly how this came to my hands, possibly as a present, but whoever was the one that brought it to me deserves my gratitude. Don’t bite of course the hysterical opinions/reviews for the ‘best rock & roll documentary’ ever. But it’s good. Actually it’s very good! The treat here is the love/hate relationship of the bands leaders Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Anton Newcombe with the rest of both crews sharing poison. I read many things for the movie after seeing it and I came to conclusion that this was for sure pretended, but it’s totally entertaining and I guess has many truths hidden in its whole hype. I dig both bands the same. I’m really enjoying their drug fueled creations with maybe a little more sympathy for the side of Brian Jonestown Massacre (what a name!). Many pass up Warhols possibly because of their mainstream acceptance, but a closer listen on their first two albums will change any opinion I believe and enlist ‘em as one of the coolest pop bands of the past years. The pop idol here’s Antony Newcombe and not as many may guess Courtney Taylor – Taylor. A full on (heavy) drugs genius, totally outrageous and wild with a dose of paranoia in fleshed, rules with no opponent around every minute of this documentary. Death threads, on stage fights and sharply born teasings (the bar of soap for the Warhols ‘to clean up their act’ make me smile even this moment), give a more spicy element on the story/rivalry but without falling the trap of having here a kitschy scandal/chit-chat motion picture. Really now, even if you don’t like any of the bands the plot will get you from the start and as long as it lasts you’ll found yourself definitely having a good time watching it! A tragically comical movie of what possibly happens in the rock & roll world. 

Watch DiG! online here: 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stiv Bators - "L.A. L.A." (Bomp, BCD 4046 - 1994)

I’m a fan of Stiv Bators but as much as I dig Dead Boys and his solo efforts on Bomp, the same way I (almost) despise the Wanderers or the Lords of the New Church. Too much 'Blade-Runner' scenarios on one hand and too much goth on the other....Sorry, but i won't buy. I'm a pure 'dumb' fun kind of guy. I prefer to remember him the way he looked earlier on and not with candles and black painted nails... On Dead Boys was a true nihilistic force an’ answer to Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols and a lil’ later was a Knickerbockers/Choir/Beatles power popper, flourish in style with Vox guitars and tight mods suits!
Many punk fanatics at first disappointed with this turn of Stiv's career, but the only thing he wanted at the time was to get rid the persona of the Dead Boys front man. Personally speaking, i go nuts with this la-la-la songs with loud guitars. And Bomp! was the perfect place for someone who wanted to play that kind of music. This great compilation includes the excellent aforementioned Bomp singles, alternate & demo versions, jam sessions with Kim Fowley and the Runaways plus the stunning version of "I Stand Accused", a song originally by the Glories which because of this guy named Elvis Costello, had to stay in the can until the release of "L.A L.A".  Such fun!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bo Diddley - "Bo Diddleyrama Grind Series Vol. I, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut! Thee Originator's Instros" (WAXCD 002)

The original idea belongs to Kogar's Jungle Juice (this blog's cool place to hang out - check my blog roll) and I've posted his version also in the very early days of the blog, but... was obviously something not right with me and this rar file. I decided then to expand the whole brilliant idea, include better sounding rips of the songs and make (along with my faithful partner in crime, Jean Philippe - without whom...) a proper CD jewel case artwork for you out there who want things be done in a more connoisseur way.
I've learned many Bo songs when I was younger by the cover performances of groups like the Tell Tale Hearts or the Crawdaddys at first and in continuance by monsters in the likes of The Pretty Things or the Downliners Sect and I knew till then that I must go find the originals. You can't go to "z" without knowing first all the previous letters of the alphabet, right ( I've learned it in reverse as you might guess...)? So, when I first downloaded Kogars version, I peeved by two things immediately...1st. the absence of many more brilliant tracks and 2nd. why the included songs were in a such a low bitrate? I mean, if the “rights owners” of these blasts are going to hunt you down, give 'em a good reason at least, ha-ha!
I started ripping the tracks, tag them with all the right info for the listeners, place them chronologically and add as many more songs a CD lets today. I still let out sadly some amazing tracks (the two instros from the Bo/Chuck Chess album are the first that come in my mind right this moment) but hey, there's nothing more you can do about it. I stole our series title (yes, hopefully there be more) from a dude I don't know his (nick) name, but I thank him anyway and I encourage him to contact me and get his credit if he ever land to the WTS planet of loon. This is PURE cut and shave chunka chunk Bo, speechless and mighty as ever! If you like what you're about to hear - you own to yourself to go get the records. Cheers! 
*No bootlegging on WTS - WAX CDs. This is ONLY for Soul Self Satisfaction and/or educational purposes. Share and dance freely!