Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Stomachmouths - This Is...The Stomachmouths (Sunlight - 1st 7" - 1985)

Another fave band of mine, of course from Sweden and of course a megalith of this monstrous garage punk revival that took place in the 80s. I liked their image more than all the others! There's something here i always wanted to tell. All these bowl haircuts were sure awesome and incredibly cool but...tell me a garage band of the 60s with this image (except for the Music Machine) and I'll quit writing my opinion.
Don't know where this fashion started but Mars Bonfire never was an alienated punk kid (although a cool person) like the Sonics or Larry & the Bluenotes...
The Stomachmouths were and still are the only true DNA originals with the aforementioned punks.
This is their first offering. Snotty and savage the way garage or better...punk should be played!
A vinyl rip of course...Stay tuned more to come.
A blast in few chords! 

320 Kbps

Wild Trip!

PS: The scans taken from the Savage Sounds Wordpress . Once again thanks buddy whoever you are! Put the sleeves, i put the music!

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