Saturday, October 17, 2015

Various Artists - "Savage Evangelists, The GaragePunk Gospel According to..." (WAILCD 02)

Heeeeeyyyyy, everything's OK? Hope so! Quickly: as you can easily guess, that's another shitty WTS compilation for your listening pleasure! Don't know about your neighbors' though, he-he... Anyway, the process remains the s(h)ame. Your host here in a dervish kinda mode, opens the vaults and rips the stuff the way exactly he listens to them! Ooops, I've gone too far this time, right? I'm so way out of ma head that I speak for myself in third person, not a good thing... So, I tried to keep a balance and not to include "mainstream hits" like Psychotic Reaction or Pushin' Too Hard but not go the other way too with stuff way to geeky. Fuck man, we're talking 'bout garagepunk here, rock and roll's ultra crude, primitive and mindless prick so no fuckin' geeks allowed!!! Hope you enjoy yourself with this as much I did when I was creating this obviously Tim Warren influenced little monster!!! 100% Teen Unpsychedelic 60s Teen Punk!!! Cheers!!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

I said it's like thunder... It's like lightning... A summarize of an already good year for all Johnny Thunders fans!!!

Hey there! The good guys over at Chatterbox forum reminded (and in some cases actually, informed me, about some of the following Johnny Thunders goodies! So it's my turn to spread the word and summarize an already good year for all us Thunders' acolytes:

Easy Action Records put out some shit, with some more in the pipeline!
  • A Comprehensive and remastered In Cold Blood, with all of Johnny's studio recordings from 1982 (on Double-CD and vinyl)  
  • A remastered version of some old Dolls' gigs under the Butterflyin' name (waiting from day to day for this to come in my mailbox).
  • A 10" vinyl Critic's Choice/So Alone single (I suppose the Chesterfield Kings backed recordings)
  • A 7" vinyl In Cold Blood single

Remarquable Records is going berserk on The Heartbreakers/Johnny front:
  • 10" vinyl Daddy Rollin' Stone EP (27 Nov 2015)
  • So Alone Double-LP (remastered from the original tapes) with the LP + non-album tracks (29 Jan 2016)
  • JOHNNY THUNDERS:1978 - 2CD + Book (still in pre-production, but rumors say it will include all of the tracks from RBL1 + RBL2 10" EPs + even more previously unreleased tracks) 
Cleopatra Records released recently a (supposed) unreleased live recording of The Heartbreakers at a 1977 Village Gate gig, when they were hot as hell and they were firing in all cylinders!!! Look for it under the L.A.M.F. – Live At The Village Gate 1977, title. It reminds me a few well known old boots but the sound's definitely better (way better in fact) and the packaging an awesomeness! Walter Lure got involved with this in one way or another, so go ahead... 

Last but not least, a reminder on the special RECORD STORE DAY Jungle Records double vinyl release of the now legendary, Live At Max's Kansas City Volumes 1 & 2.

Keep 'em coming!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Cobras [Memphis] - "Restless" b/w "Shake Up" (Stax, 7" - 1964)

The one and only platter by The Cobras from Memphis TN (not to be confused with the quite many I guess gangs of the era - I know a few garage hoots, too...) was a revelation for the guy this side your computer screen, from the word go! and its first spin ever! Cause you know, what we got here is actually people an another way cool version of the Mar-Keys (Steve Cropper, Donald Dunn and Terry Johnston - not Packy Axton though, as some might still claim) fooling around the studio with an old Link Wray inspired instro-burning riff, dated back (as the legend says) in their high school days and resurrected in 1964 when these guys were among the Stax's hit-making factory hottest players and songwriters. OK now, shape the picture: One of THEE BEST ever Rhythm and Soul acts, are trying to fuck with Linkster... And fuck yes, this is as good and as cool as you might think and even better!!! I mean, even if you're among those hardcore Fred Lincoln Wray, Jr aficionados (I am too, welcome buddy...), in a drunk night you can easily mistake it as an attention of yours escaping gem! B-Side has the equally kick ass "Shake Up" titty-shaker, a dipped up to your throat Memphis rhythm and blues shit kicker full of the well known MGs/Keys grit! Give yourself a good listen and then question yourself how this haven't been yet heavily compiled?!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Goosebumps... The 1st Elvis Presley acetate recording, transferred to digital. (Video)

King Elvis' 1953 unripe SUN recordings of "My Happiness" and "That’s When Your Heartaches Begin", digitally transferred for reissue by Jack White’s Third Man Records

In January 2015, it was announced that the first ever Elvis Presley recordings (I'm pretty sure, any visitor of this space knows perfectly well the legendary story for the supposed Gladys' birthday present, am I right..?) had been sold for the amount of $300,000! The buyer as it turned out was the once upon a time White Stripes main man, Jack White. So, Jack met with legendary music archivist Alan Stoker (son of the original Jordanaires member Gordon Stoker BTW, a cool coincidence at least...) at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN to have this rock n roll top notch rarity, digitally transferred for a Third Man repress for the masses, trying at the same time not to lose the feeling and the soul that makes these two songs both haunting and breathtaking! Check out the following footage of Alan Stoker and Jack White as they make the transfer and peel back the label to discover a very special surprise (at least for me)!!! Rock and Roll goosebumps...