Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Gunslingers - "Better Out Than In" (CD, EGO - 1995?)

I found this on ma hard drive courtesy of our good friend Steve. That's a MEGA RARE item of a fuckin' amazing rock & roll band from UK. I remember told him not to give away the link cause I wanted to post it in here and through all my fallen times, Steve waited and kept his promise. Thanks buddy! So it's time to fulfill mine. I know this 'Gunslingers' name has too many claiming its paternity but these guys are the ones, you really need to know! And if you are already a glam punk & roll fan, I bet you're familiar by now to their classic 'Never a Dull Moment' (if not, Midnight Rambler took care of you here). The sad thing's that there's not too much info out there and I really wonder why? You get loads of crap from stupid mediocre sleaze bands and when it comes to those that really matters, you have nothing, zero, nada...
Anyway, for all of you guys and gals having a Facebook account, I found this page for them, so if you ever get there tell them Mihaleez sent you, he-he.
And you know, what I hated on most sleaze bands (not all) and adored to the glam punk, were the same things from a different angle: The influences, the style and the production. The sleaze bands were more of a hairdresser's salon artifact in a time the glam punks were the streetwise motherfuckers of your bad fame corner. The first ones stole the Johnny Thunders rulebook and became millionaires and the last ones were the cursed flame torchers that stayed forever to a cult status but won the dignity and the appreciation of the true rock & rollers! And the Gunslingers were right up my alley with their Faces on puss and boots approach! Let's not forget the Crybabys connection... Not to mention they supported Motorhead... Hope someday someone pick on their stuff and make a proper re-release...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sex Pistols - "Nevermind The Bollocks... Here's The Sex Pistols" (CD, Virgin Black Triangle Edition - 1986)

Hi there! Hope you're well most of you guys and gals, if not all.
I know it's been a while, since the last time. Many things have happened and to tell you the truth I wasn't sure if I want to continue this space. Actually, after the assassination of a young anti-fa rapper by the name of Killah P a few days back by the Nazis of Golden Dawn I felt that I was at the gates of depression.
The last four months I bought only a handful of CDs. I wasn't in the mood to hear or write something. Our lives hit bottom and we're still trying to keep this country in a Union, that clearly never worked and never will... The only things made me happy were my family and my basketball team, no other. Not even rock & roll, the most important element so far in my life..! I was checking to see if I had any comments to approve but I wasn't interested to reply... So, don't get me wrong that I didn't, cause we're in trouble down here. I talked to my faithful partner JP, only a few times... We're still trying to get ourselves together and put a new WAX shit, but as I already told you, I wasn't in the mood and it's all my fault.
So what happened? Straightly, I don't have a clue. I was ready half an hour back to press the 'DELETE BLOG' button and something hold me back. Fuck man, I was ready to throw over what I've built with your help and all this for some jerks that are ruining our lives... So, I'm not! Maybe you don't really care about what I'm writing this very moment but I understand. You came here for rock & roll and that's what I'm gonna give you. Cause rock & roll was ALWAYS this driving force that change your mood, your life, everything! I was listening to the latest Kurt Baker single and I was thinking "Man, this is what power pop should be!". I was hooked by its dynamics and felt for the first time in months, ALIVE! So, YES, rock & roll can clearly save your life and make you stronger.
I found also my old comrades from the Gang Bang zine and we're trying to get and publish again a new fanzine. It's time to feel again keen and to give my kids the dad they want and not the not feeling well jerk that comes from work after 10 hours and had nothing to share. Maybe two blogs and a zine are TOO MUCH but I'll try keep them all, so please be patient for the lack of constantly posts cause this time WTS is re-inventing its presence. There's no reason to post when I'm not in the mood just 'to post something', you know... I haven't talked as you imagine to JP, but I will and I'm pretty sure he's gonna back me up once again.
So, what do we have here? The most important LP in rock & roll history, in a very rare as those stupid audiophile dudes claim, pressing, with a dead flat transfer and a perfectly balanced sound. I was pretty sure this was a boot (there's no bar-code in the back) but from a (very) quick internet search I discover the opposite. The legendary now 1986 'Black Triangle Edition' is in fact a very rare Jap Toshiba EMI CD. Never had the usual OBI and it's celebrated by both fans and audiophiles as THEE one made justice! Not my rip, a Russian friend send it to me. I did notice as well many torrents with this but what the hell, here's another one if you 're interested.