Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dr. Ross - Boogie Disease (Arhoolie - 1992)

OK, I'm no Blues expert, in fact I'm no expert at all in everything. But i do have on my record collection some things from the masters of blues. Muddy Waters was my first love, Howlin' Wolf & John Lee Hooker are on my pantheon and if i have to dance to some i sure pick on Sonny Boy Williamson and his wild harmonica!
But my favorites if i had to pick some are Dr. Ross, Hound Dog Taylor and Eddie Taylor!
Let's concentrate on the first. Dr. Ross was a one man band in every sense of the words. He played the guitar, harmonica, bass drum and hi-hat at the same time and with unreal results! Primitive, as you might think it's the word - synonymous if we had a book or a dictionary for this bad ass!
He had a very hard life, witnessing murders, racist attacks plus a world war service...
He recorded for monsters such as Sun and Chess and his influence on rock n rollers like the Flamin' Groovies was huge. The Groovies remake his own "Boogie Disease" as "Doctor Boogie" on their "Teenage Head" masterpiece! If you already heard it, you know what I'm talking about!
I read somewhere that a little before his death, the assholes in music industry gave him a Grammy but this is not an information you should hold on your brain hutch...What you should is to take a listen loudly on this compilation and run after on Norton's or Crypt's mail orders to catch it while is still around!
File Under : Hot Shit, Bad Ass, Fire-burning

320 Kbps

Click here to Boogie!


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