Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Boyfriends (USA) - "I Don't Want Nobody (I Want You)" / "You're The One" (7" Single, Bomp - 1978)

I was checking up lately some old stuff and came to this great band and single. The Boyfriends from New York had some great power pop blood running through their veins (The Poppees) and as a result of this, some more great tunes! This Bomp seven inch has a special place among my favorites for what is known to this day as 'powerpop'. The reason why is not that difficult for someone to imagine it when the needle make its dive. Cause both tracks are some great examples of raw pop & roll jewels with a heavy Heartbreakers influence upon them. And on "I don't want nobody" exists this great Stooges drum beat ruffle ("No Fun" obviously) - elevating the song in the 'irresistible' heights of sentiments! As far as I know they had another one on Signal (1981, "Wrapped Up in a Dream" / "Same Old Song") which was equally good but clearly in more pop oriented paths. But this...WOW! Imagine Johnny Thunders' gang with all their girly pop influences up front and you're in. No wonder really why the Ramones chose to cover an unrecorded gem of theirs for the 'Subterranean Jungle' ("I Need Your Love"). Joey was nuts about pop vignettes like these, and so am I !!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Real Kids - "No Place Fast" (CD, Norton - 1999)

Hi there! Happy New Year to everyone!
Hope this year be better than the previous but the chances so far are not with our side (at least here in Greece). We got our families, our friends, our books, our rock & roll , quite a lot if you think to all  have a happy life, so fuck the rest.
Mmmm, I noticed many of you guys and gals want some re-ups. Even though I said I'm not going to do it, I will. It's not that easy cause my spare time is limited but in the next few days a first "package" hopefully gonna take place in the 'clouds'.
The limited spare time as well has halted all WAX confections for a while, cause JP just like me had too much things to take care, but hey, we're not giving up. And we are going to hit quite soon hopefully with two 'releases', an EP at first (for the first time in WAX's history) with the true-born survived material of a legendary record and a GREAT live tape our friend Steve handed us, a huge surprise for all the friends of real rock & roll, just be patient!
So, to our subject I was always a big Real Kids fanatic. But I never understood the reason why most people don't equal in quality matters the early 80s works of the band with the CLASSIC debut? I mean, sorry, but "Senseless" and "She" and "Can't Talk to that Girl" are among my fave rock & roll or power pop (you know, raw rock & roll with la-la-las as my buddy Vex used to say) tunes ever! 1999 Norton's compilation offers in one package these brilliant songs. The Taxi Boys side project on the legendary Bomp label that lead to reformation and the "Outta Place" second LP (produced by Andy Paley!!!) are here in all their garage-punk-pop furious glory! For my money only the Boys (UK) can match Real Kids' chop.

PS: Real Kids photo that used here as front sleeve it's one of the best ever captured on camera, I LOVE IT!