Thursday, March 11, 2010

Esquerita - Esquerita! (Capitol T 1186 - 1959)

This is not Little Richard. He's got more pancake, a higher pompadour, glam-sissy sunglasses but he taught Mr. Penniman all the tricks that made him the true king of Rock N Roll! It can be, right?
Yes it can! I'm not going to tell you the story of this MASTER called Esquerita (aka SQ Reeder, Eskew Reeder Jr, Magnificent Milochi etc). If you get here and still doesn't know him go to the Hound's Blog and read carefully. This is a lesson kid you'll have to teach!
Quite simply without Esquerita, there's no Little Richard! And quite simply without Little Richard there's no Rock N Roll!
These recordings are the CRAZIEST EVER! The WILDEST EVER and if your heart listening to this doesn't pump your blood to the rhythms of an uzi, sorry man you're clinically DEAD!

I copy from Charles Gillett bible on rock n roll, "The Sound of the City":

"If a producer or arranger was deputed to the sessions he must have been bound and gagged and put in a corner, for there was little sign that anyone responsible for the records had been concerned for their commercial potential...The violence that was normally only a promise (or threat) in rock'n'roll was realized in Esquerita's sound"

Go n' get everythin' under Esquerita's signature. You must own at least his Capitol recordings if you consider yourself a rock n roll fanatic! Norton's a good place to start!

Click here and hear Satan himself!


  1. No comments yet!! Man, this guys the wildest!! Thanks for the 320 kps baby!

  2. Any chance to get this one re-uploaded? I've never heard him, but would love to! Thanks!!

  3. never seen or heard of this guy, ever, any chance of new link, please, thanks, 88

  4. satan himself, really ...wonder if chris would approve, please repost, thanks