Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Devil Dogs - Saturday Night Fever (SFTRI - 1994)

This is the shit! The Hot Shit! The rockinest piece of this devil music called rock n' roll in the whole 90s decade!
Once Nicke Hellacopter claimed it is the best record of that decade. Quite simply is one of the best EVER.
These New Yorkers knew the history of rock n' roll and they knew it the right way.
The Devil Dogs were a totally unique sounding blend of 60s american garage, 50s american rock n roll plus the "Wall of Sound" of Phil Spector.
Rock n' roll played by Americans and ignored by Americans. A drive through the fast lane. A one way ticket back to your teenage years. If you don't like this record probably you're a square. Surely you're a square.
C'mon these are the Devil Dogs and you have been invited to a PARTY!
The best of your life...

320 Kbps


  1. Sweet!
    I just found your blog and it is OUTTASITE!!!!

    Been looking for this for awhile.

    Muchos gracias.

  2. Wow! Thanks mate for all your comments! Glad you liked so many things from this site! This is the reason made me started. To share with other people around the world my passion on rock n roll! Be a follower of White Trash Soul, more goodies are coming.


  3. Thanks for posting this. I used to have the vinyl, but lost it years ago.

  4. Yeah, i have it on vinyl too! It released by Crypt and not by SFTRI as this CD edition. I posted this just because it has more tracks but you should check on Crypt's website. I think still got copies of this. Thanx for stopping by.

  5. (same Anonymous from April 9)

    I also had the CD, but mine only had 13 songs! I love vinyl, but if the CD has more songs I'll buy it (like Gories "Outta Here").

    Keep on rockin!
    Your English is very good, by the way. It's not quite perfect, but it's probably just as good as half the people here in America!