Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Phantom Surfers - The Great Surf Crash of '97 (Lookout - 1996)

Although the Phantom Surfers claim their selves as "the worst surf revival band", believe me are among the best if not the best!
They formed in 1988, part of a scene tilted on rock n' roll with comrades like the Mummies & the Trashwomen, and created a blast which has deeply roots in the late 50s-early 60s surf movement and especially on monsters like the Trashmen, the Crossfires and the Revels!
As the legend says, formed just to fill the last hour a gig at the University of Santa Cruz. You know...University means Frat! Santa Cruz means Surf! What's best for them except for their "in the red" music, is the totally COOL image with the Lone Ranger-masks plus the white suits! I always loved a cool uniform on a hot band or on a hot gal!
Their debut LP, "18 Deadly Ones" released by Billy & Miriam of course under Norton's signature and that's the biggest compliment! If the KICKS crew digs something, at least is something you should buy and play hard!
This is my fave (along with their debut...) release of these mysterious mask-men and it was a huge surprise when i noticed that the label's logo was by...Lookout! A company mostly known for mediocre pop-punk...
Anyway, as far as i know they still exist and if its true, we still have a hope to listen cool surf instros, even if the calendar says 2010!


Lancelot Link Wray 

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