Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Johnny Burnette & the Rock 'N Roll Trio (Coral - 1957)

Not much to say here for this platter... Really there are no words in every language to describe in every sense the energy and the importance of this classic  in Rock N Roll music!
For most of the world, this record is one of the ten best ever in Rockabilly... To me is a punk masterpiece. Don't laugh, man. I know what i am saying. This thing came out for the first time in 1957. C'mon, try to find something from this period of time, take a good look at your record collection to see if you have somethin' to even match this aggressiveness and tell me again, is this punk or not?
Punk, at least for me, it's a tag to describe best a rock n roll that played in the most furious way, in an out of control manner full of snottiness and wild actions... Again, is this record punk or not?
This album isn't just Memphis finest or Rockabilly's finest, is the template for later bands from the early Yardbirds to Motorhead and the Pirates. Even Macca the Beatle when covered the Big Joe Turner classic "Honey Hush", do it Johnny Burnette way.
Listen to this album's version of "Train Kept A Rollin'" and tell me-is what Lemmy had in mind or what?!
A fireburner for every side-burned out there still five decades later!

Who talked 'bout Elvis?



  1. I have had these songs digital for years. Just picked up the orig Coral LP today for 2 bucks at a Savers thrift shop. Cover split on all three sides, but NM -clean- vinyl on the inside.

    The original punk rock.

  2. there are other great rockabilly artists out there,from the same era.i could name a few.i've been listening to this style of music for as long as i can remember,and believe me "the johnny burnette trio",or how you want to name them, are the apitomy of rockabilly.
    they brought a sound to music that so many have tried to emulate,but never seemed to get it right.