Monday, October 31, 2016

The Real Kids - "The Real Kids" (LP, Red Star Records / Bronze Records - 1977)

Hmmmm... It's quite difficult to write something 'new' for a band like The Real Kids, especially if you have done it already in the past... I mean, really now, is there anyone in here not knowing who the Real Kids are/were and what they've done? Come on! And I'm sure many of you lads and ladies, have this and the other Real Kids stuff already by the Norton reissue program just like me, am I right? So why this?! Because The Real Kids' 1977 debut is the perfect rock 'n' roll record, that's why! Recorded in three nights at the Ultima studios in New York City and it's the perfect blend of captivating power pop melodies and fiery teen punk energy. And this is the UK pressing of their debut monument, ripped by the man with the best ears and equipment around, the mighty Jean-Phillipe! A reason enough to grab this one more time and crank it up to your fuckin' boring neighbors!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Various Artists ‎– "Pow City! FABulous Shakers Soul Party" (CD, No Label / Crypt? - 2000)

Another digital disc full o' buttshakin', wailin' soul and funky 45s, quite probably by the hands of Tim Warren! The whole (party) spirit throughout this CD it's from the period of time when the soul music was morphing and transforming into something funkier. The beats are heavier, more African oriented but not at all "ethnic". A plain rawness that had only in mind to shake some ass and nothing else. I got this at first just for King Little Richard's "Soul Train" but maaaaaan, imagine my surprise when I've found out that it was just another killer shot of hot-shit rhythm shaker among others!!! Dig also Dottie Campbell's groovy reworking of the Sir Douglas Quintet "He's About A Mover" (with THAT crazy and naughty organ, man!) or Andre Williams and Andre Williams disguise as Jomo or The Ditalians opener "I Gotta Go" which is an absolute cracker. 22 ultra rare stompers and groovers for your parties. Don't worry, dance now, you can thank me later!