Monday, February 1, 2010

Diggin' Out Compilation

To this day most rock n roll genres are extensively archived and researched. As a result of this there are some compilations that trough the pass of the ages, grown up and matured as "Holy Bibles". For example, garage got the "Nuggets", the "Pebbles", "Garage Punk Unknowns" and "Teenage Shutdown" comps. Rockabilly - Rhythm & Blues got the "Desperate Rock N Roll" or the "Greasy Rock N Roll" volumes and surf got this!
Yeah! The "Diggin' Out" LP never released as far as i know on digital format. Never include "huge" names of the genre but is full of vital, raw energy. Full or reverbed guitars, full of raunchy saxophones and not at all sweet vocal harmonies like the Beach Boys! These guys here are totally unknown punks of the J.F.K.- era U.S. and even Tarantino was afraid to touch his hands on these greasers! Give a listen first and go buy this record duuuuuuude! File under supershit!


  1. Love this LP. Thanks for the rip....Found your blog recently, I linked your post on Otis' Fat Gal/Shout Bamalama for the Wild & Frantic LP...Great blogggggggg!!

  2. Just discovered your blog today and I love it! Thanks so much for the upload... Also does anyone know what year this was released?