Friday, February 26, 2010

Whip It On 'Em - Sixteen Soul Stirring Stompers (Candy Records LP )

Ok, if I must be honest the Motown’s soul was and still remains the absolute PEAK of the genre! Even if it was in a way mainstream, popular and sold millions of records, it was also highly energetic, extremely emotional and gave a thousand reasons to be liked by your body and your heart. 
On the other hand there was Stax and Atlantic. Atlantic was substantially a makeweight to Motown and Stax (my favourite if I have to pick some) was the rawer side of the two above giants. If you have to blame someone for starting the Funk, blame Stax! Those were more or less the basic 3-pole of soul music.
There were more although smaller labels with lesser known artists (to be specific, known only to fanatics) that treated soul like rhythm & blues or better, like rock n roll! They approached it as a mindless fun only music, tailor made for your legs and your ass only!
This long outta print compilation to me is something like Soul music’s “Nuggets” or even better Soul’s “Back from the Grave”. What your ears going to taste is raw and wild, hard and heavy soul stomps, nitty gritty boogaloos with rough vocals and warn your ass, extremely up-tempos!
If you look at the right places, you’re being able to catch a CD under the title “Shakin’ Fit!” still on Candy Records, which in fact are 13 of these ass kickers plus 16 more! If you like this maybe I’ll upload it later. A great batch of obscure pre-Funk 45s for your legs only. Ok, your ass too!


Track list:

01. Don Gardner - "My baby likes to boogaloo"
02. Pancho Villa & The Bandits - "Ain't that bad"
03. Bobby Davis - "Damper Down"
04. Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - "Sock it to em J.B. pt 1"
05. Joe Matthews - "You better mend your ways"
06. Four Holidays - "Grandma Bird"
07. Kitty Love - "You gotta change"
08. Donald & The Delighters - "Wang Dang Dula"

09. Sonny Raye - "Whip it on me"
10. Mickey Lee Lane - "Hey Sha-lo-ney"
11. David jones and the fenders - "Boss with the hot sauce"
12. R.T. & The Pot Lickers - "Sticky Pig Feet"
13. The Five Du-Tones - "Sweet Lips"
14. Bill Robinson & The Quails - "The Cow"
15. Don & Dewey - "Heartattack"
16. Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds - "Get Down"


  1. hey mihaleez. been following your blog for a few months now, shame on me for taking this long to find you.

    i tried to download this comp before, however the link seems to be broken, any chance you could upload again?

    many thanks.

  2. Please Mister SOUL
    re LOAD this album


  3. Please can you re load this excellent album. xx

  4. "Soul's Back From The Grave" is an apt description, since I remember buying these comps from the Crypt Records catalog back in the 1990s.

    Great stuff. Please re-upload if you have the time. Happy New Year!