Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Hellacopters - Killing Allan 7'' single (Psychout Records - Psych 001, Feb 95)

I still remember the first time i held "Supershitty to the Max!" on my hands! It was the front cover that made me first look at it. It remind me immediately the SST records' front covers. But it was not that way of punk rock. On the back four figures from another world! Absolutely greasy and dirty. Cigs and beers on their hands n' mouths. The one lad had a Nomads t-shirt (fuckin' wow!) and some other had a Motorhead baseball cap! A third was like the bastard Johnny Thunders forgot during his presence in Stockholm and the forth was like a Caucasian Bad Brains member, you know with dreadlocks but sure not a rastafari dude! "It can be real" i thought to myself...Yeeeees, it was. It blew me right away! Next move was to start go back to their 45 rpms (not so back then...). This was their first single on their own Psychout Records (well actually Nicke's). Two originals and a kick ass cover of Social Distortion's "The Creeps". At last, punk rock again has found it's origins in rock n roll. At last, 100% fuel injected action outta my speakers and at last a band that surely knows this music belongs only to the streets!
A thousand copies pressed and (as) you can imagine, by now is already a collector's item trading in high prices. The Poison Idea said it right "record collectors are pretentious assholes" but if you ever want it original beware, it is pressed only on blue vinyl. I saw it one time on red wax but later the band told me on an interview that it is a boot. There are also the "Creem of the Crap" compilations where the band collected all the singles in a fairly budget price. So...

This supershit recorded during their 3rd or 4th rehearsal on a 7-track recorder by Fred Estby. Mixed at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm, Sweden a day in December 1994 by Tomas Skogsberg.

As the front cover says "100% Custom Play Punk Rock Slop!"

Download HERE!

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