Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dale Hawkins - Oh! Suzy-Q (Chess LP 1429-1958) + 8 Bonus!

A true Legend in his own way, the Louisiana born & bred Dale Hawkins came to this world to teach some lessons 'bout simple and hard ass rock n roll! The rest of the world got to know him best for "Suzy Q" more from the versions that did the Rolling Stones or the Creedence Clearwater Revival and less his, but Who F***in' Cares? A damn good song is always a DAMN GOOD SONG! And that's A HELL OF A GOOD SONG!
As one of the few white artists of Chess Records created a mayhem that no one ever again can duplicate! His father played in a country band and on the other hand Dale always liked the blues. I guess you know now why this ace put out music like this! Animals like James Burton, Roy Buchanan and Scotty Moore picked up by him for an extra blast on his Chess recordings. Shit! I don't wanna write more. This man was a Tornado as his song claimed and cliche phrases like "will be miss him" here are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! What this blog offer for your education is the 1958's "Oh! Suzy-Q" LP that cut on Chess plus more eight fire-burners! All you have to do is to blast 'em!
Your next steps is to order from Norton Records the "DAREDEVIL"(LP/CD 256 - Unreleased & Rare MONSTERS!) and the "ROCK N ROLL TORNADO" from Ace (CDCHD 693 - The ABSOLUTE gathering of the Checker sides! ).

Track List:

01. Suzy Q
02. Don't Treat Me This Way
03. Juanita
04. Tornado
05. Little Pig
06. Heaven
07. Baby, Baby
08. Mrs Merguitory's Daughter
09. Take My Heart
10. Wild, Wild World
11. See You Sonn, Baboon
12. Four Letter Word - Rock
13. Aint't That Lovin' You Baby (Bonus)
14. My Babe (Bonus)
15. Liza Jane (bonus)
16. Lonely Nights (Bonus)
17. Every Little Girl (Bonus)
18. Lulu (Bonus)
19. First love (Bonus)
20. Gooblie Booblie (Bonus)

256 Kbps


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