Friday, January 29, 2010

Mark Lamarr's Ace Is Wild (26 Hot Rockin' Hit Picks From The Vaults Of Ace)

To those not knowing Mark Lamarr, is a highly successful British comedian-presenter that his knowldge on 50's rock n' roll - rythm & blues is among few all over the world in this devil's music. To my knowledge now and possession there are two more FANTASTIC compilations such as this under the titles of: "Mark Lamarr Presents - Mule Milk 'N'Firewater" and "Mark Lamarr's - Roc-King Up A Storm". Don't know why these three comps are not in stock these days and that's a shame. What they got in their little digital hearts are the most excellent tracks from a period when rock n roll was at a top form! Highly energetic, ultra savage and a "can't stop my ass shakin'" kinda feel that if you not jump up off your sit when you blast 'em through your stereo, sorry man you're DEAD!
On this CD, Mark digs up on Mississippi's Ace label vaults.
It includes legends like: Huey 'Piano' Smith And His Clowns, Joe TexFrankie FordEarl KingH-Bomb FergusonFrankie Lee SimsThe Blue Dots, The Emeralds and Floyd Dixon....

Play it at your next party lads. A guaranteed titty shaker!


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  1. Mihaleez! No comments or thank you's for this? I'm enjoying any of the Mark LaMarr comps i can find. So i hope you have a chance to re-up the link on this one. If he does "Ace" the way he does "King", whoa honey!