Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Humpers - Plastique Valentine (Epitaph 1997)

Since the demise of the Hearbreakers, no other band catch their ethos, their power and their sleaziness better than the Humpers. I still wonder how these mofos released albums under Epitaph's etiquette?!
I mean, take a look at them! No skates, no bermuda shorts and no baseball caps! Skin tight jeans, leather jackets, black ray-bans, greasy hair and even greasier sound! Filthy animals as their name proudly pronounce with misogynistic lyrics and the Thunders sound as their pattern. There's no bad album by them! Really! My fave is "Live Forever or Die Trying'" still on Epitaph but as a tribute to this very day, "Plastique Valentine" wins to the points. The perfect soundtrack for the day! Don't take them seriously; especially for what they're saying in this album's songs. Rock n Roll is about fun and "Plastique Valentine" is one of those rare records that made to provoke. I 'm really bored with politically correct assholes who in every click of our lives found mistakes or wrong words! Take your gal and put this blaster on! I'm sure she'll get the picture if she had any sense of humor.
320 Kbps
Have fun and....Happy Valentine's Day!

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