Sunday, February 7, 2010

Motörhead - Motörhead (Rare Deluxe Leather Digipack - Original release 1977 by Chiswick Records)

First things first! Motörhead are, were and always be a true, filthy, dirty, take no prisoners Rock N Roll band! No heavy metal, no thrash (even though their influence is more than obvious), no shit! The same thing for AC/DC! I can't stand people talking about these two over the top bands as metallers! I have no problem with heavy metal and the sub-genres of it. There are bands from this kind that are true ass kickers. But Lemmy, Fast Eddie, Filthy "animal" Taylor, Angus and Malcolm Young or Bon Scott had nothing in common with these guys that wear swords and talk about dragons, castle battles or burning churches! Ok? Unless every one that having long hair and wearing a leather jacket is a metalhead...
This album was the landmark of a new direction in this 4/4 frenetic steamroller called Rock N Roll! Sloppy genius is the best description for it. Their loose attitude and image, something between Hell's Angels and Teddy Boys, with skin tight jeans, swastikas and iron crosses, cigarettes and booze, attracted every single fanatic of a music that seemed to died with the coming of the hippies. Little Richard on speed played the bulkiest way you might hear it, even today! United Artists at first signed them and recorded an album that stayed on the vaults until the 1979 ("On Parole") when the heads start making sense and bring money to the companies. The legendary label of Chiswick gave, them and the world the chance that needed and the rest is history! I personally want to thank Ted Caroll for what he ever done for rock n roll with his companies (Ace is one of the few labels around that RESPECT rock n roll!) and especially for saving Motörhead!
The music press hated it but against all squares of this world, sell enough to keep them alive! The first "FUCK YOU" by Lemmy and Co. was an undeniable truth! It came out on the era of punk rock and even though there was a LOT of denial for groups that had long hair (ok here's some misconception...The Ramones or the Dolls had short spikey hair?) punks liked it; cause punk was nothing else but the Second Coming of rock n roll.
Anyway, all enemies ate shit and died! Motörhead continues to this day to raise hell and if you ever haven't see them on a concert then.... you should! This album is thee fire starter! 33 years later and with many re-releases (i have them ALL best is the latest from Ace with the original silver on the logo and this one i just posted) remains the monolithic baby and you smell it on it breath! As usual on this blog, ripped at 320Kbps.
Oh!one more thing about Lemmy....More than any other Rock N Roller ever put his foot on this planet, he's the BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER OF THEM ALL!



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