Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Radio Cramps - The Purple Knif Show by Lux Interior

The now legendary "Purple Knif Show" record is substantially a bootleg cassette of a radio show Lux did back in 1984 for a radio station at Hollywood California. I found many releases on my record hunting during the years with different artworks and slightly different tracks. I guess here we have if not the complete show at least the majority of them. Feel free to correct me if somewhere i told wrong this story.
Anyway, as you can imagine Lux played his favorite 45s which many of them if not all (once again I'm very bored to go to my record collection and check) are included on the fabulous series of "Born Bad"!  The sound is from the master board of the station and not from a radio receiver. It's tilted and filthy due to the scratches of the discs or the sound of the artists! Pick what you want! The only truth is that these 24 (go ahead count 'em) blasters are among the dirtiest and sickest rock n roll ever produced! 

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  1. As you said, many versions, here's one I've found http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2423496 and seems to be Skydog – SK 2005-6 although the tracks are misnamed and disordered (working on that now) but I'd much prefer to see your version if you wouldn't mind to reup.