Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mark Lamarr Presents - Mule Milk 'N' Firewater (WESTSIDE - WESF103 - 2000)

One more E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T compilation from the hands of Mark Lamarr! A true study on the Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll sound from the late 40s to the early 60s! All from the vaults of the legendary label "King" and its subsidiary labels "Deluxe" and "Federal"! For those to know, you might guess that the level of the traks here is unquestionably "A" grade! Even for the beginners who wants to go deeper and deeper to these frantic ass shakes, there are plenty of well known names such as Big Jay McNeely, Little Willie John, Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, Roy Brown, Jack Dupree and Joe Tex. The true aces of this party stomper though (at least for me) are the two supershits courtesy of Rudy Ray Moore and the Gardenias! The Dolemite in 1955's "Ring a Ling Dong" excels in everything you might think and the vocal group of Gardenias KICKS ASS in a superhot re-execution of Esquerita's classic "Gettin' Plenty Lovin''", here as "My Baby's Tops" backed up from Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm!
Outstanding piano boogies, wailin' wild saxophones, out of control drum beats from the masters of the genre! Trully lads, this must be ONE of the few R&B collections out there that are synonymous with the word "UNBELIEVABLE!" and it's a true shame Westside Records didn't re-released it yet making it overnight a rare hottie! Give this thing a play and grab it if you ever found it!

Track List:

01. Rudy Moore - Ring A Ling Dong (2:28)
02. Roy Brown - Hurry Hurry Baby (Unissued Alternate) (2:57)
03. Brown, Little Tommy - Goodbye I'm Gone (2:26)
04. Fred Clark - Bobby Sox Rocker (Unissued Take 2) (2:33)
05. Big Jay McNeely - Mule Milk (Unissued) (3:04)
06. The Checkers - Can't Find My Sadie (2:39)
07. Five Jets - Everybody Do The Chicken (2:43)
08. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - That Woman (2:02)
09. Fred Clark - Ground Hog Snooper (2:17)
10. Rufus Gore - Fire Water (2:19)
11. Champion Jack Dupree - Stumbling Block (3:03)
12. Joe Tex - Davy You Upset My Home (2:37)
13. The Lamplighters - Bo Peep (2:17)
14. Las Gardenias - My Baby's Tops (2:27)
15. Joe Perkins & The Rookies - How Much Love Can One Heart Hold (2:18)
16. Danny Cobb - Hey Mr Warden (2:39)
17. Topsy, Tiny - Aw Shucks Baby (Take 2) (2:23)
18. Joe Benson - Rock 'n' Roll Jungle (2:20)
19. Little Willie John - Look What You've Done To Me (2:11)
20. Little Willie John - Uh Uh Baby (2:08)
21. H-Bomb Ferguson - Midnight Ramble Tonight (2:19)
22. Ronnie Molleen - Fat Mama (2:20)
23. Willie Wright & His Sparklers - Got A Feelin' (2:35)
24. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Come On Baby Let's Shake It (2:08)

320 Kbps



  1. I've been searching for this CD for a while and the only places I can find which actually have it for sale are Amazon UK (£90) and Amazon US ($80). Would really appreciate a re-up of this and of "Ace Is Wild" if possible. Thanks!

    1. Whaaaaaat? Fuckin' ridiculous! $ 80-90 for a CD? Stupid jerks. I'll try my best mate, cause I have to check on my boxes in the basement. If you see no sign in a few days, drop me an email for reminder.

  2. Any chance on a re-up for this? Seeing how hard this one is to track down I would greatly appreciate it!