Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Ecuadors featuring Chuck Berry - "Say You'll Be Mine/Let Me Sleep Woman"

The first time i heard about this....or maybe i read about this, was in a Kicks Magazine (i can't remember which issue and I'm too lazy now to get up off my sit and go to my library n' check it...). I remember almost clearly though that my self got immediately excited from the words the great Billy Miller (of Norton Records/Kicks Magazine) put on paper about this gem! Since I'm a fool about obscure or at least, not well known R&B groups of the 50's this thing got at first my attention and very soon became one of the top priorities in my "want lists". The fact that Chuck Berry wrote both two songs on this single and also crancked he's guitar loudly - stretch me so much that for years and years checked on every box, comp or bootleg you might guess. I told you, Chuckster is a HUGE hero of mine. To tell you the truth I'm still looking for an original 45 copy (Argo 5353). This brilliance came out on November of 1959 by the sub label of Chess, Argo. The Ecuadors as far as i know were a vocal group that accompanied Chuck and his band during the Chess Sessions of July 1959. There are claims of the Chuck Berry specialists, that can be heard also on tracks like "Betty Jean", "Childhood Sweetheart", "Broken Arrow" and "Too Pooped To Pop". Anyway, the first appearance on a digital format, was a couple of years ago on the EXCELLENT at all Box Set under the name "Johnny Be Goode - His Complete 50's Chess Recordings" and from there i ripped them for your download pleasure @ 320 Kbps. Do yourself a favor and go buy this...No serious record collection that claims its rock n roll identity has no Chess recordings of the MAN!  

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