Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Link Wray - Early Recordings

There's nothing ever in rock n roll, more thunderous, chaotic, rumblin' and dirty than Link Wray! Be sure that NO words are plenty to describe a performance like "Rumble", "Ace of Spades", "Run Chicken Run" or "Fatback"! What we got here is the very essence of rock n roll at his most primal and savage!  The sound of the wild that captured at his best and finest! The purest, hardest and toughest sides of this music called Rock N Roll created ONLY in Link's hands! This semi-Indian lad was and still is (hands down!) the only one that deserves the exclamation of the WILD! The baddest motherfucker of them all! Compared to him Iggy is a wimp and Lemmy is a linnet! These sides are spooky, snotty and fire-burnin' like no other shit in this world! This compilation must be THEE best of all in the market these days. Sure, Norton's "Mr Guitar" is the most comprehensive, but this THE SHIT man! From the front cover, drenched in yellow with BIG and RED just like the devil, LINK WRAY letters behind this leather dressed from head to toes rebel figure...Fuckin' Wow! First put out from the legendary label of Chiswick, i guess it was 1978 the chronology of my birth's that this CLASSIC hit the streets with his menace! To this day remains the best place to start and finish if you can (or better - if you dare...) your adventure with this switchblade rebel! Every single note on this recording contains energy in the most rawest and primitive condition you might hear in your whole life man! Throughout his recording career many producers or a&r guys tried to clean this animal, but Link's just like a pure-blood dog...You might close it in your apartment and make it for a while treat your guests like a good puppy but once it smells the fear in your eyes and the speed pumping heart  in your chest it bulks and bites you right there in the carotid! Along with The Sonics the first and only TRUE PUNKS EVER....Goodnight.