Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Richard - The Hottest Beat In Town (Bootleg LP - Demand 0035)

This Bootleg LP is one of the coolest ever in rock n roll history! Recorded of course LIVE at the "Mad Russian" 9 & 11 October 1968 - Boston Massachusetts. The first time i confronted this overwhelming blast, was at a Norton Records' printed mail order catalog! I always trusted Billy's & Miriam's taste! You see, when you read something like this "Torrid 1968 live whammy loaded to the tits! We once had the pleasure of blastin' this LP at Esquerita's pad and SQ gave it his personal okey doke!" you can do no wrong,huh? Late 60s was a tough period for almost all rock n roll icons of the first era. The British Invasion and the starting of the (yaaaack!) "hippie-pseudo-psychedelic-folk-prog whatever" made they're existence more and more difficult. Little Richard especially tried his best with Soul music (in my opinion with excellent results - check for the Okeh recordings, almost all tracks produced and arranged by Larry Williams and Johnny Watson!), found and lost his God (he did it several times in the future) and was at this moment a step before his second coming! Of course I'm talking about the three albums that cut with Reprise. Anyway, as you can hear in this file, never lost though his flamboyant persona and the sweating result on this bootleg, made this record by far his best live recording!



  1. OOh my soul!
    another masterpiece.


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    Can't seem to download this amazing looking freezes at around 13%.....would you be able to check...or re-up when you have the time....make me a very happy man! :))

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