Friday, March 9, 2012

The Skeptics "Spider Baby" EP out now on Chickpea Records!

It’s always cool when you get back home from the job (especially on a tough day) and a new package’s waiting for you patiently there, to open it and blow up your home stereo.
This kid’s probably the next Billy Childish! He got SO much talent (fuck, I just used the wrong word for a garage punk review…) and in so many fields that makes my self sure about the snotty sulfurous Childish comment. I know Johnny or Cherry Boy or Bart from his first steps, when I and my mates were printing a fanzine. I got to know him through a social network, when I was still using these shit in order to wind up interviews. He bombed me with tons of cool stuff! His bands (the Pneumonias, the Wild Zeros), his A5 DIY photocopied kbd-smelling Frantic City zine and of course with some 7inch TNTs from the same named label, all his! You can say that this kid knows his rock & roll and definitely breathe through it… We lost contact since then (the last time we spoke, had as a cause the Mean Things CD release through my friends Peris and John, Lost In Tyme Records) but til then nada. He relocated from France to Belgium; I got married and my two little cavemen that came after while left me with not much time for finding old friends...  I’m in a caution this period of re-striking my old punk rock records. This drove me back to his zines and then to an email. Fuck the Mummies, digital age has obviously certain goodies. The Pneumonias and the Mean Things have not much time these days, the Wild Zeros are no more (FUCK, the best garage punk outfit in the DMZ spirits the last ten years, no kidding!) but the Skeptics are still here! A band which at first consisted by him only and started as a killing time ‘project’ has by now a full line up an’ a new kick ass cave punk EP out there through Chickpea Records. Did I have to tell you how good it is? Well I found til the moment these lines been written no reviews ‘round the net but if I had to bet my money, I would have say this: There’s no way this cavernous thing to be liked by many, so called ‘punk’ zines (sites included)! It’s too dirty, too haunting and too spooky for a generation of ‘fans’ suppose the Black Keys as ‘garage’! Thanks to Tim Warren’s sick personality, there’s a whole new generation of Stone Age men carrying the torch of ‘Back from the Grave’ institution. This one’s here probably the coolest! 

You can hear the Skeptics scream, here!

The Skeptics Facebook page

Frantic City Records (Official site's link on 'Find Your Poison' window, below) 


  1. hey mate ,you don't have the file for upload this single ?
    ..... and i'm looking the single from The Morlocks - Under The Wheel , you have that ?

  2. Hi mate, of course I have it but I won’t do uploads of brand new releases. As for the Morlocks let me check first if it’s still in print and I’ll tell you later.

  3. ok Mihaleez , thanks !!!