Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Kids - "The Kids" (Philips, 1978)

For fans of punk rock this band and this album is a well known classic of the 77 period, maybe the more intimate in Europe leave outside of course the UK. Often bootlegged during the 80s and the 90s, was bought by me no less than 3 times! The Kids formed by three teenage savages sometime between 1975 and 1976. The word ‘teenage’ for punk or garage bands are often used but merely corresponds in reality. Not here sir, cause the Kids had at the time an age line that started from 13y.o. and ended to 16! I believe that the ‘Killed By Death’ compilations (the Nuggets of punk in a way) spread rapidly Kids’ reputation globally and today relish a legendary status, but just like their heroes (mine’s too!) Eddie & the Hot Rods, the tough R&B roots was the key element that gave their punky sound the roll it needed and that’s why still punk rock bands pick on their songs. Actually three cover Kids tunes was the reason why I had to chase their albums many years ago. I remember I've bought from eBay some Zeros singles and the guy who sold me those sent me as well a tape as a 'present'. It included many things I had (then) to discover such as Fun Things, the Nervous Eaters or the Pagans and it was mixed with ‘modern’ bands including also my favorite 90s punks, the ferocious Japs Teengenerate, executing no less than three Kids songs! The funny thing’s that I own all Kids records now and almost all from Teengenerate but I’m still missing that special one that made look for the Kids in the first place! Anyone sells it? Btw, the good guy behind the cool All I Want blog, have posted the aforementioned ‘chase’ and I suppose it’s a good companion to this post’s offer! 

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