Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Cannibals - "The Submarine Song/Paralytic Confusion" (HIT together with Bucketful Of Brains Magazine, 1984)

Morning lads! More trash by our favorite Cannibal here at White Trash Soul headquarters! Possibly a rarity (I'm not sure though, cause every time i write something for something 'rare', record collectors hit on me on how much this may cost or how many slices pressed, so i really don't know!). As a big fan of Mike Spenser's 'work' you 're getting me unlearnt this time...! I mean, i knew the existence of the single but i never saw it or heard it before. But i don't feel bad cause there's virtually NOTHING on the net for this, anywhere! Not on the Count Bishops sites, nor on record collectors'... And we are offering this thanks to JP who wormed it out perhaps from a trash pail! It doesn't really matter though cause what we are talking about here is rock & roll, and on these two sides is plenty and raucous! As you read on the title, this 45 rpm came out with some Bucketful of Brains issue back in 1984 but that's too a mystery! Whatever, if anyone of you guys and gals knows more, we're here to put our pince-nez and teach us a lesson.


  1. Ripped by JPStooges in FLAC!

  2. Thanks a lot for this one and for the previous Cannibals' stuff! Much appreciated really! Posted some Cannibals a while back on Punks On Postcards as well... like this little piece of Trash thought you might be interested....
    Merci Mihaleez et merci JP!
    Excellent blog!


  3. Hi Many Thanks. I'm a searching madly for an LP I owned back when ripping meant stealing my records!!! These Cats Aint Nuthin But Trush on UK Big Beat (poss Vengeance in rest Europe?) It was a 3 way split between the Cannibals, Milkshakes (Bill Childish, Graham Day etc) and I think the Stingrays (ex Balam Alligators) ANY help greatfully accepted...

  4. Hey Doc, thanks for the kind words.
    I don't have that one but I'm quite sure my partner in here does. I'll ask him and stay tuned, you'll probably see it coming sooner or later! Otherwise, after and after a quick google search found a (probably low bitrate) post about it here:


  5. I only pressed 500 of these. Most went for the magazine but I only put about 200 into public circulation via record shops and at gigs. I still have a few mint/unlistened to copies.

  6. I pretty much have a few copies of everything I put out of the Cannibals. I even have a few copies of the first single "Good Guys" with the lables printed wrong, with Good Guys as the B side. The pressing plant, Lyntone Records, notified me that the lables were printed wrong and I asked for the few copies to be kept before the correct labels reprinted. If anybody has this version they are lucky...I only let about 5 or so go out with the rest. I've got this single above, Pick and Choose, Led Astray, every single released (about 15???) and even a very limited edition of Paralytic Confusion on a single (only about 100 pressed) to do with Stonehenge...mystery!!! Many albums including original Trash For Cash sold only in the US, and I recently found a cache of the first album, Bone To Pick, found in an old closet, some with green sleeves and labels. Maybe I'll put them soon on eBay or sell privately. Got loads of the Christmas single in boot shaped sleeve. Contact Backs/Shellshock Records or SRD Distribution for more info as they may still have some old copies I've sold to them ages ago. I never thought there was such a demand for these things! Just collecting dust in my basement/closets! Contact me on Facebook and PM me there...

  7. excellent blog. any chance you can reup this one please? many thanks.