Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Ramones - "It's Alive - Audio Fidelity Limited Edition" (Warner Bros, 2009)

Yay! This is the morning (OK, noon...) of a great night out with my old pals. Not much time for all of us even though we are living in the same city. Blame the fuckin' situation down here for that... Anyway. Our day jobs kept us me and JP as well very busy all past week. Probably this will happen and the one is starting over tomorrow. Keep an eye in here cause more things are about come from the WAX side of this site. You know what is the thing with the place is called Greece the last thousands years? SUN! Right this moment I'm sitting in my balcony having my one son of the two putting out of his mothers plants all the mold (the other one's a lazy dog, sleeping with no worries in the big fat shade!) and yours truly is trying to write something for the next post. Which is in much relation with the sun, and the summer. What really amazes me the most about Jean Philippe it's the almost unrealistic timing we share! I was about to post something by da brudders and found this on my mailbox this morning by my pal:

"Off-topic: audiophile punk-rock, what the fuck?
I already confessed my deadly sin: no Ramones records in my collection until recently. But I think I'm forgiven: since I purchased "It's Alive", I gave it so many spins it's almost like I played it once every week for 2 decades. And you know (you must know) what I did next: try & finding a better sounding copy. I don't buy so-called audiophile records. They just sound baaaad to my ears, with virtually no high frequencies. I usually stick to original copies or old reissues. Recent remastered crap isn't my cup of tea either (makes my ears bleed). And I usually stay away from records with "180g" sticker, and yet I bought the one shown below. It was mastered by audiophile guru Steve Hoffman. I usually care more about who's actually playing than who's touching knobs in the studio, but all the Hoffman-mastered records I have (Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly, Doors) sound really good (better than originals), I mean exactly like I enjoy rock music: bold but not harsh, sweet but not dry, blablabla (and all the audiophile shit talk you can think of). Anyway, his version of "It's Alive" is really good. I'm listening to "Teenage Lobotomy" now: it feels like my head is actually IN the drums. Kick-ass sound, really! My neighbor will hate me. The CD version sounds like what you can hear when you play music directly trough a mobile phone. OK, enough audiophile shit, 1,2,3,4"

I told you before mate, you REALLY have it, haha! So, this is the official twin bro of another Ramones goodie i posted some time ago. I'm not 100% on what my my good friend wrote (a Japanese vinyl pressing i own just kills!) but as always he has a good point here! Don't know who this Steve Hoffman mister is, but for sure he did an exceptional job to one of the best LIVE albums ever pressed. The kicking-ass masterpiece of the Ramones, recorded on New Year's eve 1977 with the 28 already classics by the three milestone first Ramones LPs ("Ramones", "Leave Home", "Rocket To Russia"), with no pause and hyper-speed delivery!

Have a nice week all!



  1. Ripped & Uploaded by JPStooges!

    1. Hey, i cant download the first link :(

      Maybe u can upload again :)

      See you, have fun

  2. i'm curious to listen to this version...
    gaba gaba hey !

  3. The greatest"live" album ever recorded !! Thanks !!

  4. Thanks man! Aside from Jerry Lee Lewis Live At The Star Club, the greatest live album ever!!

  5. thanks for this. I have a vinyl version that's been around forever.
    I agree with the first anon - curious to hear an "upgraded" version.

  6. Steve Hoffman typically does good work... the vinyl issues will be all 100% analog...

  7. This is genius man, thank you! Compare the sound of this version to the insipid CD mix, there's no comparison. The vinyl has a lovely bottom end (ooh-er missus) for starters.

    Sir Trisden

  8. Please, could you reupload part 1?

  9. Thanks thanks thanks!
    1) the files are still working
    2) I've heard the vinyl in the eighties with a big sound in a "second hand" vinyl shop and it was fantastic , but I had only money for one record and there was 3 records in this shop that I wanted ... So my choice this day was Tom Waits. The week after I return to this shop with the money to buy "It's alive ", but it was too late somebody had taken it!
    Since that day I've heard several time this record on cd and each time I said this is not the fantastic sound that I've heard in the eighties . This time I think it will be this fantastic sound! Thanks again.

  10. Hey man, I don't know if you really see this, but could you please reupload this album? This is about the only vinyl version I could find...


  11. Hey! Can you please reupload??? THANKS A LOT!!!

  12. Hey! could you reupload it please? thanks in advance