Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ronnie Fujiyama - "Coney Island / New York Groove" (7inch single - Scratch Records - 1997)

I got a friend who's (very) sick about porn. I like porn too but the guy seems to like it better to watch movies than fuck...
Anyway, this friend's passion are Jap gals with uniforms. Every kind of uniforms... and I have to tell you also that he's not much into music or cinema.
So, once upon a time and surely some years ahead of Tarantino's masterpiece "KILL BILL", was in my place waiting for me to set up and go out for kicks. As he fooled around and poke on my records collection, waiting for ages to get my hair done of course, I heard him screaming and jumping wailing - "WOW - wow that's not the girl from the's...?"
The gel fell off my hands since this bastard never knew who Chuck Berry or Johnny Thunders was for example, so how in the hell knew about the's..? You guess the answer, right?! 
After Uma Thurman's Hatori Hanso generated massacre & success, these gals thankfully attracted a wider audience making hopefully some more people to give a shot in this devil's music.
Ronnie Fujiyama is the band leader. Of course she’s a waaaayyy cool chick and we're sharing the same passion 'bout the Ronettes and Ronnie Spector especially (that's how her 'English' name came from).  Ronnie has a lot of friends in the States. Most of them if not all, from NYC. The Devil Dogs were among them and I worship the evil powers of Rock & Roll every time I put this 45 on a turntable!  The Dogs do their thing the way they used to do for so many years and Ronnie screams, twists and shouts like a true juvenile delinquent bitch. Something like a cross of Ronnie Spector, Wanda Jackson and Nikki Corvette with the Ramones backing up plus Johnny Thunders doing the solos! I’m quite sure that this two-sider’s already a rare item and as far as I know, never make it to digital format for both the Devil Dogs and the’s. And that’s a shame. So, I did the rip and here it is in its all big apple glory! More points for the beautiful ala power pop front sleeve!


Bass - Steve Baise 
Drums - Ron Salvo
Guitar - Andy Gortler
Vocals, Guitar - Ronnie Fujiyama

Recorded in NYC in October 1997 


  1. Uow!!! Thanks a lot!! never beeen heard of this: I love 5678's and of course the Devil Dogs (I saw them live in my home town in Spain many many years ago!! By the way, did you know that the B-Side song is from an English glam group called Hello? It was also the first song on the B-side of their first LP "Keeps Us Off the Streets" (1975). Your blog is one of the best woyhout any doubt: Keepunkrockin'!! Un saludo macanudo.

  2. Thanks a lot Daniel! I'm jealous now, cause i consider myself a big Devil Dogs fanatic and unfortunately never came to Greece to check them on a concert... Also thanks for the info on the "New York Groove" tune. I didn't know it. I must check for the LP of these Hello? guys!
    Keep the rocks rollin'!

  3. Being a devil dogs fanatic, I consider this 7" one of my most precious jewels in my little collection!!! Congrats for this fab blog, love it: