Friday, June 25, 2010

Lemmy & the Upsetters with Mick Green - "Blue Suede Shoes / Paradise" (Sunnyside Music - STYLE777 - 1990)

For ancient Greeks there was really only one purpose for a man in life, his “Fame after death”.
Even though most of the modern Greeks (we) are assholes (and actually we have not much in common with our ancestors) this thing seems to have survived in many cases. So, I strongly believe that a great man never really dies, and I’m not talking about ‘re-incarnation’ bullshits. I’m talking about deeds and actions. And that’s the main reason for why I don’t like obituaries.
Mick Green passed out a couple of months ago. Even though I wanted to do something for him, I didn’t. Maybe was the fact that so many comrades through their blogs and web spaces did excellent at times tributes dedicated to his life and most notably his works. From the early days of Johnny Kidd to the last with the Pirates. I always liked pirates (the real ones, those on radio, anywhere). I think that were rock & rollers in every sense. So a band with a name like this must be a hell of a band. And the Pirates were a hell of a band! They did so many cool songs and albums that it's not a necessity to expand on this. As I say often here, google a little.
The only other band that comes in every ones mind (as pirates) are surely, Motorhead. If you catch already the trailer of the recently released Lemmy movie, Alice Cooper says it better and with fluency. Lemmy often made guest appearances on the Pirates gigs and had a strong bond with Mick Green. At some time in the late 80s (the worst era for music and especially rock & roll...) Lemmy recorded and soon after put out a single with Mick Green & the Upsetters (no relation here to Little Richard's band although i suspect their name is a tribute to Him!). It had Elvis' (OK, Carl Perkins) "Blue Suede Shoes" (originally this cover recorded for an NME charity album) and the Lemmy/Green penned "Paradise". Motorhead again, some years earlier and on their filthy monument and now legendary "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (EP) along with Girlschool, covered Johnny Kidd & the Pirates classic "Please Don't Touch" the way supposed to and from this day the tune stays untouchable for anyone who came to rock & roll just for money, fame or chicks. A tribute from White Trash Soul to a hero that's gone forever and also to a hero who still refuses to let rock & roll in squares people's hands!  
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Well it's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat, go!  


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  1. Thanks, I saw The Pirates once Live in Paradiso, great show!