Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Lyres - "Baby I Still Need Your Lovin' / Gettin' Plenty Lovin'" (7'' single - Norton 45 013 - 1992)

OK, i know that i must went too far with all the Lyres / DMZ mania here, but sorry lads, i just can't help it! Monoman's alone responsible in a big way for what I'm hunting or listening for many years in my home stereo. That's another 7inch single, got out by the good folks at Norton back in 1992 and as you might guess, it's a KILLER! The line up here has no less than the 3/5 of the DMZ kick ass supersonic - housewrecker crew and except for the well known "Baby I Still Need Your Lovin'", a staple among the Lyres fanatics, there's also a savage monomaniacal cover tune of the Esquerita classic, "Gettin' Plenty Lovin'" that's hot as hell! Beantown delirium excellence! Oh, and both front and back sleeves are at least, fantastic!

Baby I Still Need Yr Lovin'! 

Jeff Conolly - Vocals, Organ, Tambourine
Paul Murphy - Drums
Richard Carmel - Guitar
Rick Coraccio - Bass Backing Vocals


  1. Hello Mihaleez - You've really been on a tear lately posting some great stuff. The only Lyres I had was the On Fyre LP so I've liked all the stuff you've posted by them. I only have one other Cynics record - 16 Flights Up & I like Rock N Roll even better. I only have one Stomachmouth song from the Be A Caveman comp so I liked hearing more by them. And I'm jammin' to Outta Too right now - love it! Keep it up, man! Later

  2. Thanx mate! Stay tuned for more Rock & Roll!

  3. The "mighty" Lyres, i saw them last year in Madrid and it was amazing.