Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Cynics - "Rock 'N' Roll" (Get Hip - 1989)

Hey lads! What's up?
It's been a while since the last time, but i was on a small vacation trip to Milos island slacking, swimming and eating fresh seafood. I needed this thing to relax a bit. Anyway. I'm on a 'Garage Punk' mood this period and dusting off many records of my collection i re-found this SHIT! Yeah, i know, who already doesn't own this monument? A long player full of distortion and raw energy! Many times you have read these words for describing a record, but just a handful are so close to the real meaning of these headwords! The Cynics began as a "garage" band but with the passing of time more elements mixed up in their blender. I fuckin' love "Blue Train Station" LP, but this "Detroit Punk" approach still make me jump up & down like a kid. Fuzz, buzz and booze! The same thing happened with the Miracle Workers. Everybody knows about the "Inside Out" LP (Voxx) but not many gave the attention really deserved a record like the "Roll Out the Red Carpet" (Triple X)... A few years ago my little brother and his best friend came to my flat and as we discussed about music, all they telling was metal. No second thoughts i put this platter on, dive the needle on "Cry.Cry.Cry" and the little fuckers left looking at me with their mouths wide open through-out the song! If you haven't listen to it already, well here's your chance. Fuzz N' Scream at its FINEST goddammit!  That's of course a vinyl rip of mine. I read somewhere that recently Get Hip re-released this monster but I'm not sure if a compact disc is able to re-produce this manic energy that's still slaved on the original plastic... In a few words... ROCK 'N' ROLL!!

320 Kbps


Side Rock:
A1.Baby, What's Wrong?        
A2.Way Its Gonna Be        
A3.Girl, You're On My Mind        
A4.Get My Way        
A5.Tears Are Coming        
A6.Business As Usual        
A7.Cry, Cry, Cry  
Side Roll:   
B1.You Got The Love        
B2.Close To Me        
B3.Different Worlds        
B4.Now I'm Alone        
B5.What You Get        
B6.Last Time Around        
B7.The Room


  1. I have this on red vynil! Vynil is not dead! Thanks for sharing this masterpiece

  2. Hey Mihaleez!
    Thanx for including us in your fantastic blog!!
    Michael K. , The CYNICS

  3. @Ricard BCN:Thanks for stopping by mate! I never saw it on red vinyl! I'm jealous man!

    @ The CYNICS: OK, that's one of my proudest moments in my whole life! Mr. Michael Kastelic himself, commenting on my blog...FUCKIN'WOW! I really got no words to say... Thanks for the kind words! Any chance for a CYNICS interview here?

  4. Great record! Thanks!

  5. Hi Mihaleez,
    If you want to do an interview for the upcoming lp, contact me at:

    Michael K.