Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Outta Place - "Outta Too!!" (Mini LP - Midnight Records - 1987)

"This band sounds like Neanderthals banging rocks together!"....
The above quote says precisely how these primitives were sounding... New Yorkers with only two Mini LP's on their legacy, but those two minis were some of the best examples of how a 60s punk band may sound like, originally! They started at 1982, they died at 1984 and make the Fuzztones or the Chesterfield Kings sound like the Monkees! Punk savages & garage primitives like few around even in our days. I wish more so-called 'garage' bands, takin' their steps. You can find here their first release, on Midnight Records too, under the title "We're Outta Place" or "New York's Own Cave Teens". I did a rip of their second and last one "Outta Too!!" which i think is better cause it has only blur noise, screams and tons of fuzzzzzzzzz!!! "Outta Too" was completed and issued 3 years after the band's break up and it's full of anger, rip-roaring raw energy and two (maximum) chords of handless-ness! Full distorted mono for those in the know! For the history, Mike Chandler not much later fronted the over the top rock n' rollers, Raunch Hands and Jordan Tarlow for a moon was on the Fuzztones crew...
As i said, the way a garage punk gang MUST SOUND!

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