Sunday, June 27, 2010

Johnny Thunders & Jerry Nolan - "Countdown Love" (7inch Single - Sucksex Records - Sex13 - 1997)

How many of you out there do you know who Freddy Lynxx is? Not many huh? Well, Freddy's a French (with Croatian) roots rock & roller who's mostly known as a Thunders copycat... Fuck NO! Freddy is one of the few that huge admirers of Thunders/Heartbreakers/New York Dolls family that did SO MUCH about keeping their legacy alive, in a time that these cats were so un-hip (that is for so many years). Not that today are within the 'in' list of the wider audience, but at least much more seem to know and respect the New York's cuties. He got a band (well, actually two) that kicked serious ass, the Jetboys and the Corner Gang, which did magnificent albums of pure n' adrenalin-driven street rock n' roll and a label under the 'Sucksex' moniker, that putted out at times unbelievable rare & unreleased toons of the Dolls/Heartbreakers familia. I wish someday catch him, even through the net for an interview...
Anyway, this thing here it's a housewreckin' two-sider, featuring of course the two late pals, Johnny & Jerry with the recordings they did at different times and different places of the "Countdown Love".  The last, it's one of the strongest moments of the Hearbreakers and it's a fuckin' shame that never recorded this dynamite officially. The song is written by Jerry Nolan and had also a third Heartbreaker approach, through Walter Lure as he recorded it for the Waldos SUPERB album, "Rent Party".
Johnny Thunders Side, are with the "Que Sera Sera" line up, mostly known as the Black Cats.It was recorded in 1985 at Tin Pan Alley Studio (London, England) and on track's background vocals are Stiv Bators and Michael Monroe! Even though what they just did was some 'ahhhhssss' and 'oooohhhhssss', it's for sure and historical moment.
On Jerry Nolan's Side we found Nigs with the Teneriffa Cowboys backing him (whatta band!) and it's easily the best execution of the song of the two versions here (my favorite still is by the Waldos!). It was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden (a place where at the time Jerry lived) back in 1983 at Decibel Studios.
That's for sure a great addition for all the Dolls/Heartbreakers fanatics out there, but if you came here and you'll never heard something else, you MUST GO AND BUY NOW the two New York Dolls LPs plus the Heartbreakers' "L.A.M.F." and leave this rarities for later.
Final Note: To this blogger, the Heartbreakers still are the best rock n' roll band ever and Tom Petty should change his band name NOW. Never too late for this, you square millionaire...
320 Kbps


Johnny's Side:
Johnny Thunders - guitar & lead vocals
Henri-Paul - guitar
Keith Yon - bass
Tony St Helene - drums
Stiv Bators - background vocals
Michael Monroe - background vocals

Jerry's Side:
Jerry Nolan - drums & lead vocals
Michael Thimren - guitar
Bonne Lofman - guitar
Sylo Eliason - bass
Syl Sylvain - piano??


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  2. Love your site & love all the hard work you've put into it - ESPECIALLY the detective work done on LAMF and digging up that cassette version, which has become the definitive version in my household.

    Annnnyway! Now that the praise is outta the way, I'm gonna echo the above poster and plead for a re-up of this one.....can you give a loyal WTS fan a late Christmas gift and git it up there?

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Such! I'm in the midst of a very busy period man but I'll see what I can do during the next days,cause there are MANY requests and so little time.

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