Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The (Hammersmith) Gorillas - "Gatecrasher / Gorilla Got Me" (7inch single - Chiswick - 1977)

Some people might call 'em proto-punks, some others, savage pub rockers but who really cares?
Excellent rock & roll trio, lead by the (now) cult figure, sideburns extraordinaire and arguably one of the very first mod punks in the island, Mr. Jesse Hector!  I'm not going to tell you now Jesse Hector's story. Google a little bit man, but in his CV are bands like the 60s cult freakbeats, the Clique or the early 70s Britain's answer to the MC5, Crushed Butler! Sheer energy, wild attitude, raw sound and lousy clothes are for what the Gorillas mainly remembered so many years after their demise (1981). The punks of course loved them and for a brief time, were among punk movement's best hopes. Sadly never reached the heights really deserved but on records like this single (on Motorhead's & Count Bishops' label - Chiswick) easily someone understands why these freaks still are cult legends! Imagine the early Kinks in a punkier, filthier and rawer mood and you'll get the picture right away! Flaming sideburns indeed! 
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  1. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Jesse is an another king !!!!!!