Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rockin Bones Fanzines - The Complete LEGION OF THE CRAMPED archives

Much talk about the Cramps the last months due to the sadly loss of Lux Interior. I don't think that i have to repeat the usual obituaries about him. I don't like it and there are plenty around the net or the printed press ranting n' ravin' about his excellence. To tell you the truth if you ever make it here, means automatically two things:
1. You know who Lux was and what he did.
2. You own at least the first three CLASSIC albums by them. If you don't I'm sorry for you. All you can do to break even is to go at your local record store and with a shame written all over your face buy them!
The mastermind behind this was Lindsay Huttond (also known to the rock n roll fans allover the world  for his other "child", The Next Big Thing). The Rockin Bones pressings began with the blessings of the band in April 1980 and ended after 7 issues in late 1983. The reason that stopped the publishing were the Cramps themselves.... One note that might raise lotsa eyebrows here is that at first Lindsay has the company and the help of one...Steven Patrick Morrissey... One more reason to dig Morrissey is the other fact that he spent some time as the president of the New York Dolls Fan Club! Anyway, as i said to a previous post I'd like to give credit to the cat that pdf these historical documents but i don't know who (he/she) is. May the evil powers of rock n roll be with him/her and protect him/her from the squares!


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