Saturday, February 12, 2011

Various Artists - "All Night Garage Service" (Waterfront Records, 1986)

I have searched for this comp over the years quite a lot but I sadly failed to succeed. It has a big “Garage Service” stamp on, but don’t wait sir to found in it paisley shirt mop top revivalists.
You know, I moaned a bit on some previous posts ‘bout the lot of the so-called ‘Garage Revivalists’ of the 80s. OK, there was a good percentage of them all that had one at least kick ass record in their arsenal but hey, paisley shirts never was punk. And sometimes (as the old slogan says) “Image is everything!
Johnny Rotten used to refer onto ‘pub rock’ bands as “rubbish”... Of course I rate Pistols high, but I always thought of Wilko’s chunky Telecaster as punkier than Steve Jones Gibson. And there were much more groups in the UK that period of time that were more ‘garage’ or ‘punk’ than the ‘obvious’ press darlings (even though once again, many of them were totally great). 
And this compilation’s got plenty. You can actually hear Wilko Johnson doing Sam the Sham’s “Wooly Bully”, Eddie & the Hot Rods on a blistering live execution of their classic "Teenage Depression", Steve Hooker's excellent "Thunders meets the Cramps" Shakers, on "How Did You Know" (Mr. Hooker was the mastermind behind this release also) or the Len Bright Combo with members of Wreckless Eric's band and the Milkshakes! "Chunkchakanchunk - chunkchunck, chunk" Bo and Chuck rhythms and riffs for those who knows where the roots of garage punk are. 
This record not long time ago posted on TwilightZone! from the CD reissue with the bonus tracks.
If you wanna hear now how this sound through a needle's dive in the plastic, check once again brilliant  Jean Philippe's rip contribution exclusively for White Trash Soul!

 All Night Garage Service!


  1. Love your blog & the Northern Soul. Link #4 is down for:
    Randy Cozen's Top 100 (6T's Rhythm & Soul Special Part 1)

  2. Sorry for the late reply mate, link fixed. Cheers!

  3. hello there ! I'm trying to get in touch with Jim Marshall, that you seem to know quite well... I'd have a couple of "66-garage punk" related questions for him... may I ask you to forward me his direct contact to my email at ? Many thanks in advance ! s.

  4. Hi Anonymous, no i don't know Jim Marshall but from the way he writes seems like a cool and easy approached person. All i found on his blog was
    Give it a try.

  5. Hey I got this great Record too. I bought the Compilation in Amstedam =)

    greetings from Germany

  6. Where was I for this? Please...consider a r/up.

  7. "ALL NIGHT GARAGE SERVICE" compilation
    A stack of the original LP's are found, unfortunately without original sleeves (been thrown away, in case of damage).
    But LP's in deadstock shape and available from 21st of may from Mad House Jump

  8. you can mail me if interest
    subject: Garage Service