Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lorraine Ellison - "Stay With Me (Baby)" W/ "I've Got My Baby Back" (Loma / Warners - 1966)

Did you ever caught yourself breaking down to pieces without a reason? Without absolutely NO reason?! And all this by just hearing a song accidentally... I'm running one of my best periods of my life, I'm married with the woman i dreamed and sure i don't have an expelled hidden.There's no fuckin' reason for my eyes to fill with tears and my back to crawl god dammit with a love song... Am i going to be a square linnet now? On my 30s? Pfff...
And i never really liked ballads... What tha fuck it's going on here?
I wonder how many songs in your life may touch you like this? By taking you without a warning from the neck and mangle your flesh without mercy? That's the very fuckin' meaning, explanation whatever you want anyway of the term "Deep Soul"! A full emotional moment that sadly comes VERY FEW times in your life. The absolute peak! A merciless fire, a stripped down version of your despair down on paper. Sometimes poetry is just as raw. And if the myth's proved right, this brilliance was because of Frankie who at the last minute canceled the session. The orchestra was  there, warmed and so was Lorraine Ellison. An unknown black beauty. What caught on tape it's Drama in its pure Wagner meets Spector vein! Avoid this post if you're recently heartbroken. You're not gonna make it. Lorraine's begging gonna burn you like hell and if after all these you're still with us, comes that "remember" with the orchestra tumbling down and a last refrain... That last refrain... How did she kept herself alive and breathing and...singing...? Three and a half minutes of what real SOUL music actually is!

Stay With Me... 


  1. The a side is indeed stunning - looking forward to hearing the flip! Thank you.

  2. HOLY FUCK!!! what a voice, she could give Her Majesty Aretha a run for her money. Thanx buddy i've been looking for this song a long time. Gimme back my wig...-drwatts

  3. I love your comment about Lorraine Ellison's song of the century and what it did to you ... it did it to me as well and I fully identify with your sentiments ... and yep, it's truly "Wagner meeting Spector" !!