Thursday, December 30, 2010

Various Artists - "Sock It To 'Em Soul" (Warner, 2004)

What was the last time you bought a compilation that hails from a major label and worth utterly its money? Not lately, right? And that's sad cause most majors are sitting on countless masters of well known or for better, forgotten jewels! All they ever wanted was the easy money. Well, this one here's thankfully a shining exception. Not again one of the many under the term "Northern Soul" with a dubious stature. In fact, not "Northern" at all! A KILLER set of 60s Soul tracks from the vaults of Atlantic, Stax, Atco, Loma, Reprise and Warners! Gritty, tough & groovy, up-tempo dancers perfectly suited for every party!
New Year's eve's always a good reason for having a party! Put it on, tire out your bodies and have a good time remembering the bubble of John Belushi on "I Don't Know":
"I said Baby, You know when you bend over I see every bit of Christmas, and when you bend back I'm looking right into the new year! She said Honey, honey  you know I gave up cigarettes for my new year's resolution... But I didn't give up smooooking!!! I said,  Woman!, woman you gonna walk a mile for a Camel, or are you gonna make like Mr Chesterfield and satisfy? ....She said, That all depends on what your packing.... Regular or Kingsize!  Then she pulled out my Jim Beam, and to her surprise it was every bit as hard as my Canadian Club! I said,  What now you gotta say baaaaaabeee? She said, Umm... I don't know!"

Hope all friends of this blog ll found in 2011 all they ever wanted! See ya next year guys and gals and...oh! Have a drink on me.
320 Kbps

Funky Street! 


  1. this is a GREAT collection! an education in PROPER soul! i missed this one on release (where was my head?) so thank you, and thank you again..

  2. ¡GREAT record, man!

    And the answer is: My Mind Goes High (2.005), also edited by Warner. A great collection too, in this case of psychedelic pop gems.

  3. Yeah i already got this when it came out and it's my favourite soul compilation - classic track after track. My copy is very very trebley tho. I have to turn the treble right back every time i play it.

  4. Hi guys! Sorry for the late reply. I was on a small vacations trip and just came in. Happy new year to you all and your luv'd ones. Thanks for stopping by leaving a comment. Glad you liked it. It's for sure my fave "major" produced soul comp. It can be easily putted right next to Downtown Soulville or Shakin' Fit!

  5. Hey, great post.
    One question, how can i download it?


  6. Hi,
    album tracklist sounds great. Is there still any download-link somewhere available?


    1. Unfortunately not. I'll do my best for a re-up soon.