Thursday, December 9, 2010

The's - "Teenage Mojo Workout" (Sweet Nothing, 2002)

I know i know, i gave a quick look before start begin to write this piece and a good 95% of what i found on the net for the's, mention the words "Tarantino" and 'Woo Hoo"! Not bad credits to go with, but hey, these gals have a lot more for someone to check or say than these two.
The's of course aren't new on the game. Their cat-ish primitive amalgam of garage rock n' roll-a-billy attracted a loyal fan base early on an with the right moves and some dose of luck, hit (quite) big. I must admit that even myself and because of the gals here, gave the attention deserved to the Rock-A-Teens... They were right in front of me, KICKS crew had covered their story but all i wanted was three little devil driven Japanese chicks to kick my ass! Yoshiko's my favorite! A cute little lynx that playing the guitar on a Link Wray level while screaming on microphone words that sometimes needs you to check on the lyrics (if these exist somewhere...) or the original version if it's a cover tune, to understand what she says! But who cares? She's for sure the "Fujiyama Mama" that legendary Wanda Jackson sang some decades ago. Her sis Fujii Sachiko behind the traps tries to keep steady their train, a for sure of far East Miriam Linna and the tall (at least of the three...) Yoshiko Yamaguchi, playing the bass somewhere in between of the Dee Dee Ramone and the Sun records hillbilly cats. "Teenage Mojo Workout" it's for me their best record. It worth's his price alone just for their version on "Hanky Panky"! I mean, listen to the filth that's produced from Ronnie's guitar (especially in the beginning) and go tell me if I'm wrong anywhere here! They cover also Bo, Booker T & the MG's, Ike & Tina or Bob & Earl proving the best way their intentions and their gusto! All in all, a FUN three chord rock & roll CD best served hot for your next party. Imagine the Ronettes playing with their own instruments The Sonics, Bo Diddley and Wanda Jackson and you're closer than ever to the's wild and cute world!
320 Kbps

Teenage Mojo Workout 


  1. just sayin hey.still following your great blog;
    hope you keep at it. so HEY!

  2. Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by leaving a comment. Cheers!

  3. I saw the 5678's in the late 90's when they came to Australia with a crowd of about 2 dozen people. Next time they came (post Kill Bill) the crowd was about 200-300!

    This is a really solid album but the self titled album they released before this is their Mona Lisa.

  4. Anonymous friend from Australia said "This is a really solid album but the self titled album they released before this is their Mona Lisa."

    To tell you the truth, I've lost count with the 5678s releases. Many albums got lotsa songs in the same recorded version as others. It's worse situation here than the Stones or the Kinks albums in the 60s on the both sides of the Atlantic... I found recently a CD on Time Bomb under the title "Pin Heel Stomp" that i never knew his existence... I like also the singles collection even if it don't have "I Walk Like Jane Mansfield" inside. Thank for stopping by mate!