Friday, December 3, 2010

New Lost In Tyme Records releases! Check out the Basements & thee Martian Boyfriends, NOW!

Lost In Tyme records is not new on the market. OK they 're not veterans but in the garage circles they already make sense with their stuff. The Royal Hangmen, The Way-Outs and The Mean Things filth-ed the early steps and now's time (or better...tyme) for some new kicks!  The Basements from Thessaloniki Greece and Thee Martian Boyfriends from Belgium have trusted at label bosses hands, Peris (Lost In Tyme zine) and John (the Sound Explosion) their brand new blasts and be prepared to piss off your neighbors once again! Read carefully the press releases and have a ball with 'em!
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The Basements - "Heart of Stone EP"  (7")
Yeah!! This is it!!
We had so many years to listen to a band like this here in Greece. THE BASEMENTS are a five piece combo coming from Salonika and as real Caveteens, they produce a primitive sound that is really missing so much in nowadays!
If you are into the new trendy alternative noisy Garage sound, or into the menopause progressive sound of the 70’s, then forget about it… this is not for you….
But if you are digging the sound that THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS, THE CRIMSON SHADOWS, THE CYNICS, taught us, then this golden piece of vinyl is for you!
Four original garage punk stompers full of fuzz guitars, screams & wyld organ sound. We are taking about real GARAGE PUNK SOUND… just like those days were Wyld & Primitive… but most of all played in a BASEMENT!! 

Thee Martian Boyfriends - "Thee Martian Boyfriends" (CD)
Out of the Red Planet (That is Mars, for you Morons!) come 4 little green men with a huge organ named Thee MARTIAN BOYFRIENDS!
When their flying saucer crashed somewhere in New Mexico, they were horrified by the ugly sounds they heard on the radio.
So they decided to teach the earthlings a lesson in good taste and stepped in the nearest pawnshop. All they could find was an old Farfisa organ, a 1964 Fender Jaguar and a fuzz box but they thought this old shit was good enough.
Once they turned up the volume all hell broke loose….the songs were drenched with fuzzed out guitar and cheesy organ sounds.
So people of the Blue Planet, you better run for cover or learn how to dance the Martian BOOGALOO because these new kings of FUZZ are here to conquer the world and NO HUMAN WILL GET OUT ALIVE....

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