Saturday, November 10, 2012

Various - "The Ace Blues Masters, Vol. 2 - 4th and Beale and Further South" (CD, WestSide - 1998)

I've bought this CD in a second hand store some years back, that was in a good 99% a load of crap situation in its four light green painted bordello like walls. And it was really a treasure thing waiting to be rescued from the cesspool of Madonna, 50cent and Puff Daddy waste of plastic and alumina. And I was such a dick then to pick it up just for the Frankie Lee Sims stuff, but man, I've LEARNED so much through this and in a good part what is actually the real primitive raw blasting rhythm & blues music!
As I said, the driving force for me to buy it was Frankie Lee Sims' "Walking with Frankie" an amazing song I first heard from the Barrence Whitfield & the Savages hyper frenetic debut and wasn't containing on another one Sims CD comp I had. And OK, Sims' songs are standouts obviously but NO LESS impressive are also Joe Hill Lewis one man band pounding (here in a previously unissued 1954 session) or Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup's by 1952 (Yes! The one a young, greasy and pink suit wearing Elvis cut his song and wrote history with "That's All Right Mama") all for the legendary Memphis Ace label! I'm no blues expert but I know when something's REALLY GOOD and honest and if you 're in a mood for some serious crankin'/blastin' Rhythm & Blues action, well, here's a very good shot of it!