Monday, November 12, 2012

Norton Records Needs Your Help!

Damn! Sometimes I’m thinking ‘bout this old Greek proverb my grandma used to say to me and I shit my pants from the horror: “When man doing plans, God’s laughing my child…” and you know, I declare my self an atheist… 
The good thing’s that I’m not talking about a person’s health this time, so from my point of view at least if you’re OK in this, FUCK all the rest! But after seeing this morning Miriam’s post about  hurricane Sandy's maniacal appetite on Norton records warehouse, my mind instantly rolled to the silly thought if this ‘upper force’ has something against real rock & roll..? I mean, about a decade back the fire destroyed Estrus stuff too and I’m starting to think if all these lunatic preachers/evangelists are true eventually… Of course I’m kidding, but I still like the ancient devil related mythology on rock & roll, hehe! And I’m doing black humor cause I can’t really do something more at the moment…The pics and the videos are sawing a knee deep situation to the label I owe the most of my R&R education, and If I was a New Yorker I would have been a volunteer/helper from day one. So you know what you have to do after reading this, right?
There are MANY ways to help the label with the able stable get up on his knees again. A donation button has been set on the official website for all the international/overseas Nortonians. HELP THE LOUD SOUND REBOUND!

Norton Warehouse...

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