Tuesday, November 27, 2012

**** DON'T BUY ****

A site full of Johnny Thunders boots that 've been made available through the years by all of us fans for all of you fans, hoards up shamelessly! I tried in the past to communicate with them and buy their things just to be sure but guess what... They NEVER replied. I tried for the second time by asking if anyone of you guys had a boot I was looking for a long time (and they're selling, the one Johnny plays with the Heroes) for download, but they got lucky again. This time I don't need any proof. And if for many people I'm a pirate too, OK but I'm telling this: Even pirates have ethos ... and balls! AND I DON'T MAKE ANY MONEY OUT OF IT.  It's all for the love of Rock & Roll and all you regulars here know it well. They didn't even tried to change Brian's tape scan as you can see, all the 'dirt' and the 'shadows' are there, the same as the one we posted - yep in such heights boldness had come for some people. And the prices they are asking from you guys are enormous. So, if someday catch anyone in person selling stuff made through here available just for FUN and education, I swear to Link Wray's memory (and that's a very serious sanction for me) I'm gonna put both of my dirty smelling Cons up his ass! And that's a threat! I mean it...
Even though in the past, all of our links were deleted, I NEVER get a message saying me to remove anything, never a complaint from someone that had the legal right... And I'm writing this on an eminent position of the blog from day one. I want to believe that this happened because of the integrity and the desire this space shows through the years. But I'm getting second thoughts right this moment. I let you know when my anger goes away...

Take care.



  1. don't let cunts let u down!

  2. Bootlegging the bootleggers.

    Let it slide, press on, and put your energy into continuing to do something that's valuable and GREATLY appreciated by people all over the world (myself included!).

    In other words: don't let cunts get u down!

  3. Who the fuck are those guys? Shit man, we need you! Don't let them bring you down. If it can help, I still got my baseball bat in a closet somewhere...

  4. This is the risk that all of us who post online face. The best thing to do is keep getting the message out there that this stuff is free. I hate it when I go to ePay and see my artwork being used to sell someone's bootlegs!

  5. RESPECT due! I think the above comments say it all, fuck them, there will always be a parisite sucking on those bigger than they are, it's a fact of life.
    Keep up the good work.