Friday, November 19, 2010

Various Artists - "Ugly Things, the CD" (Raven, 1992)

On the last UGLY THINGS magazine (issue #30 - Summer 2010), have placed a cool article by Johan Kugelberg on great (at least) and influential 60s punk compilations that grew up generations of misfits (here's another one) which makes a passing through the "Back From The Grave" series of Crypt, "the Chosen Few" volumes (by A-Go-Go), the "Garage Punk Unknowns" Volumes by Stone Age (Hmmm, OK - Crypt) or the small "Nuggets" brother, the "Pebbles". Of course there are (thank God!) millions out there and with all these blogspots around, day by day become zillions. Sure the article has "missings" but hey, this guy wrote his favorites. Everybody got some. More or less i agree with all the selections that Johan made, but I'm still wondering why he'd left out an obvious choice... The one that has the same name with the magazine that extends hospitality on the aforementioned piece. The one that turned our heads to Australia and had inside his grooves all the bastard kids of the Pretty Things (don't forget what the pretties did there...). And I'm talking about Raven's "Ugly Things" series! Originally on LP format (4 volumes) with the first one (and the best of them all) on the streets back in 1980 and the last in 1989. Here's the "best of" CD version of the four; and believe me the one you really need to chase. From here have started my obsession with the Missing Links, the Chants R&B and the Purple Hearts. 26 over the top R&B savage punkers, the way Phil May and Dick Taylor taught 'em. Dirty riffs, pounding drums and walking screams in a 70 minutes full throttle mayhem!
Many thanks to the original ripper of this (at first a torrent), I owe him a lot.You NEED this album!
320 Kbps

Ugly Things!


  1. As good as any BFTG! (I may be biased being Australian).
    I bought this CD second-hand, and under the clear plastic tray were small newspaper cuttings on some of the bands, that looks like they came from 1960's newspapers. Strange find!

  2. I didn't know this nugget series and reading your post I have to say that it sounds delicious. Great artwork and greater content.

    And congratulations for your great work. This blog is awesomeand from right now I am an official follower. Good job, bro!

  3. Love yr blog...always good info, and good selections...sadly, this comp ain't available thru the link any longer, so for folks like me who still need to be skooled on the severity of said same songs, can you punch thru with a re-up?

  4. Hi DefChef! Thanks for the kind words mate! I just checked the link above and it's still alive and kicking! What was the error message that you get? Tell me please if the problem still exists to find a solution.


  5. Ευχαριστώ πολύ!!!

  6. Does anyone know from which film the photo on the cover is taken ?

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  8. The photo on the album's cover is a still from the 1972 UK film "Doomwatch".
    Not a bad wee movie.
    It was a spin off from the popular TV series of the same name.
    Here's the IMDB entry: