Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Downliners Sect - "Nite In Gt. Newport Street" EP (Contrast Sound RBC SP 001, 1964)

The Downliners Sect had no common ground with all the other British R&B bands of the era. Although many puts 'em in the same can with the Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds, the Sect were rawer and punkier. The only band could match them, were the early Pretty Things. They had obvious similarities. Both bands were edgy. Both bands were punky in sound and attitude. Both bands blew them all cause they were too filthy to be superstars and both bands understood exactly what Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry were trying to say with their unique sound! The parents and the tabloids of the era complaining about the Stones and the Beatles long hair... C'mon, are kidding me?! Mick and Paul were too cute and pretty and in a big way even though their fans deny it, much of their impact on gals wasn't for their music. Don't get me wrong here. I'm a huge Stones fanatic and i respect Beatles melodies and harmonies brilliancy like not much other things in the world, but hey, Don Craine or Phil May never going to be everyone's darlings! And that's the reason why i rated them so high in my mind's hierarchy! And their sound...Gosh that CRUDENESS! I mean, those two gangs were the only from the entire British empire that could easily put their selves in the garage punk intelligentsia!
The "Nite In Gt. Newport Street" EP was the Sect's first release. They had previously recorded on studio Bo & Chuck's "Cadillac" & "Roll Over Beethoven", but for some strange reason this took turn on 1965 if I'm right. Penniman's people have it on the streets again, and i tell you, especially on Bo's tune they kick some serious asses. I strongly believe that this along with the Liverbirds version of "Mona", are the best ever approaches by white people, if not any, on Big Bad Bo (even though i remember clearly John from the Sound Explosion disagree with this opinion, cheers mate)! So, this EP was a self financed release on the large amount of...400 copies. And it worth's a fortune today. If you don't picked up already Penniman's 1000 copies reissue, i guess you'll have to wait for another one pick it up and make it available again in all its crude and raw excellence! Oh, i forgot to tell you that this shit, recorded live in the street's club Studio 51 and i guess you might guess what's happening in here, right?! As the front cover warning, the Downliners Sect PREACHING Rhythm 'N Blues! The hard way i must add... But don't expect something less from people with such bad behavior and their name taken from a Jerry Lee Lewis song... 
This is the most primitive record came outta England, and that's enough reason to pay some respect to its savageness!
                                                          Nite In gt. Newport Street


  1. The link keeps saying it's unavailable, what's up with that?

  2. It's the same old problem with megaupload servers when they got too much traffic. I guess it is something with the country slots, cause i just tried and it's OK. I must try find something new for the files. Keep up mate, I'm sure it will work in a while.

  3. Hmm...

    Den thymamai na exw kanei tetoio sxolio (gia to poia einai h kalyterh diaskevh se kommati tou Bo Diddley), ean kai den apokleietai...

    Einai toses polles oi diaskeves apo Bo Diddley kai sigoura yparxoun kalyteres apo aftes twn Downliners. Aftes pou mou'rxontai sto myalo einai apo Woolies, Pretty Things (fysika), Haunted kai.. Quicksilver Messenger Service (to epathes to emfragma pou anefera tou hippides, eee? xexexe).

    Isws h pio agria kai wmh diaskevh se kommati tou Bo Diddley na einai h "Mona" apo Iguanas apo to Detroit, stous opoious epaize kai gia ena feggari kai o Iggy. Yparxei se kapoies sylloges kai sto LP sth Norton, alla mporeis na vreis sxetika efkola kai to afthentiko 45ari (den einai idiaitera spanio).

    Oi Downliners pantws einai anamesa stis pio agaphmenes mou bandes apo Bretania olwn twn aiwnwn... Ti na prwtothavmasei kaneis: "Little Egypt", "One Ugly Child", "I'll Find Out", "Sect Appeal", "Glendora", "Coming Home Baby", "Outside", "Why Don't You Smile Now", "Roses" klp! Terastia banda!

  4. Kalws ton kai as arghse! H alhtheia einai oti afou pathsa to "publish" thymithhka oti h akrivhs "diafwnia" mas htan gia to oti an oi Liverbirds ektelesan kalytera to "Mona" apo tous Stones, alla de gamietai eihe plaka h provokatsia! Sigoura thymamai afto pou molis xanapes. Oti dhl. yparhoun kalyteres diaskeves ston Bo. Pantws eisai magas, to LP twn Iguanas prepei na epaixe mia kai mono fora sto stereo mou kai mallon tha prepei na epaneltho ekei... Na fantasteis oti eixa apogoitefthei otan h velona shkwthike pantelws! Ti leei to programma? Sonics, Roky h kai ta dyo? Me Peri den exw milhsei, tha anevei? prepei na tou rixw kana thlefwno. Cheers!

  5. Hello! Just thought you might be interested in this, it's what should have come out as the follow up to "Nite in..." but got lost for 47 years.